Saturday, March 17

Tree House

Super Dad is back.  Well, he never left.  But he's making another fabulous appearance on the blog. :)  We have this HUGE tree by our drive way.  And only Super Dad would get a ladder and get all three little ones up IN the giant tree.  They LOVE doing this.  It makes their mama a little bit nervous.  And those little rats know it too.  The taunt..."Hey Mama!  We are up HIGH in a tree!  Haha!" To which I have to give the "Easy there Sassy Pants" look.

 Colbie will not be left out.

 Isaac has a small blue box.  It holds his "golden things." (anything metal or shiny)

 One day I came out and they were playing "Bolt" with Super Dad.  They had set up a stack of big cardboard boxes at the end of the driveway.  Then Daisy or Isaac would speed down the drive way on their scooter (as Penny would) and attack the "Green Eyed Man" (Super Dad).  They would run into the boxes that would fall on the GEM and then have to sprint back to the little garage before the GEM could get them.  Great exercise for all involved. :)

 Colbs and I watched.
 Daisy hitting the stack!

Run! Daisy! RUN! :)

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