Wednesday, March 21

Trip to AR for Grandpa Lewis' Funeral

A few weeks ago, we made a trip to AR to be with Daniel's family in the passing of his Grandpa, Claude Lewis. 

We got to see almost ALL of the Lewis clan...which is saying a lot!  There are TONS of them. :)  

 Daisy and Isaac on the playground after the funeral.
 another plane shot
 Airport on the way home...just before we realized someone had accidentally grabbed our black bag...and we almost missed our plane home getting it back from him!

 This was a fun news flash...that traveling with this age kids is PIECE. OF. CAKE.

We went to the dinner before the viewing.  I am always so impressed and overwhelmed with how loving churches can be in times like this!  Both College and Downtown had a meal for this whole HUGE clan.  These ladies made wonderful food and served us happily on their weekend time.  It was such an example to me (once again) of the love of the Lord for those who are hurting.

Grandpa and Grandma had been living in Searcy, AR for several years in Harding Place ("The place to be if you're 83" or "Six Flags over Harding: Geriatric style" Of course I am kidding but this place is no joke.  It's awesome!!!).  

Claude created a legacy of faith that was all started by a garbage man in Fort Collins, CO caring enough to invite Claude's parents to church.  The rest is history!  He spent his whole life in dedication to the Lord and spreading the Gospel.  He and Grandma were always going on mission trips, teaching classes or being involved with church work in one way or another.  They both loved to sing and were really good at it!

It was so sweet to hear the stories of what all the children and grandchildren remembered most about Grandpa.  The funeral was great (if you are allowed to say that about a funeral). It was a celebration of his life!  Most of his children or children-in-law got up and shared about their daddy/father-in-law.  At the end of the service all of the grandchildren went up on stage and sang the Lord Bless You and Keep You.  It was so neat.  They are certainly a family of singers!  They sounded great...with NO practice. (Let's just say no one is asked the Cagle grandkids to do that!)
 This is the meal and sharing time post funeral.  
The little boys above were a hilarious noisy tornado of 4 year olds...
 Kim and Josh are the only ones smiling...way to be ready guys. 

 Grandma and Jon
 Claire (and I'm not sure who...I think he was a cousin from the other side of her family)
 Jenni telling her memory of Grandpa
 Josh and Emma
 Sweet Grandma.  She was so thrilled to see everyone!
 Scott and Cheri
 Dan ;)

 Kim sharing

 All the girl cousins (minus Sarah...who we LOVE AND MISS!)
 All the this insane or what?? This is what happens when there are 6 children in a family! I'm gonna try this and I am sure I'll be wrong...but here we go...
Back row (elementary school style last name):  Charles W., Jordan S., Dave, Thomas L., Robert L., Dan, Robert L., Eric L,. Jeremy L., Josh L., Jon Scott S., Jack L.
Front row:  Micah L., Jenni, Alisa, Claire, Anna, Amanda, Julie

 Dave lookin' GQ.  I think it's from the "pride in his ride, it's a swagger wagon..."
(that makes me wanna go watch that video on You Tube again!)
 Children of Grandpa and Grandma:  Joel, Tim, Jon, Laura, Maurine, Cheri

 the girls
 I had to back up and get part of the paparazzi that was around for the group pics. There was actually more than this! But you gotta capture an event like this with everyone there! :)  

In a time like this I usually hear the comment "In this digital age, can't one person take a pic and we all share it?"  I wish it were that simple. :)  For those of us who LOVE pics and use them in multiple venues it doesn't work.  Honestly most people take pics, upload them (if they even do that!) and there they sit, on a their computer...maybe Facebook if it's a good one of them. :)  And people like me are tapping their fingers wondering when they can get a cd of the right sized file so it can be blown up for a frame or the whole group of pics so they can be used on this blog! :)
 Julie's, Reece, and Alisa's, Hayden

 Alisa's baby girl, Harper
 Daisy and Claire

And below:  the Wright family--Jenni, Alisa, Dean, Laura and Charles
So funny story...this pic was in the hall of Downtown Church and Daisy came and got me and showed it to me.  "Mama, doesn't this look just like the other Jeje?"  HA.  It is!  We stayed at the Hoggards while we were there. :)  They graciously let us crash their home...and we were there to welcome them home from their cruise!  :)  Thanks AJ and Phil!


Mendy Cline Spivey said...

Love your blog!! Whats your email??

Buddy and Maurine said...

Love these pictures, Mel. Thanks

Michael and Hannah said...

Okay, more than ten years later and I never had a CLUE that Dan and Jenni were cousins!!! I went to HUG with Nate and remember reading the cards she sent him... I frequently quote her line to Nate "You're my favorite little Chimichanga this side of the Rio Grande." It just stuck. I love Jenni! You Joneses... you come from good people!

Sorry about the loss of Dan's granddad but what an amazing story that such a massive dynasty of faith was born out of a garbage man's testimony! Takes my breath away!