Thursday, March 29

While In Arkansas...

We took the time to see Harding's Campus, where Daniel and I went to College.  It has changed.  Bittersweet.  Glad they have improved but sad it's so different.

OH the Science Building.  You have heard me say before that the smell in there is one of confusion and having no clue what's going on. :)  Below is my photo rendition of the smell and my experience in there. :)

We went over to the Benson Auditorium where we had Chapel every day. They were having Spring Sing practice!  Oh the memories!  :)

Above is the Olen Hendrix Nursing Bldg.  It's where I spend the last 2 years of college (well here and hospitals all over Arkansas.)

Then we went to hang more with fam at Aunt Cheri's house.  I love the pic below of all the cousins sitting around and chatting. :)

Aunt Cheri and Daisy
Claire and Cheri
Yes, we are.
Headed Home...


Cristy said...

Oh what memories indeed :) Good ol' HU!

Michael and Hannah said...

I have not been back on campus since 2001 when I graduated! I'm afraid to go now... I think the changes would make me cry!

Lauren Way said...

I like your science building picture. Looking forward to seeing your little family soon!