Tuesday, March 13


 For Daniel's brithday, his staff got him a gift card to the new zip line in Ocala.  Can you believe we have one??  Me either!  Ryan (our friend who went with us) has been to many zip lines.  He said this one is great! Well, second to Costa Rica.  I guess it is second to zip lining in the rainforest. :)  There are 9 zip lines.  I was most nervous about the first little one we went on.  The more we did, the more comfortable I became and the more fun it was!!
 Don't we look cool in our yellow helmets?
 Here comes Dan.  This was the first one we did.  
I think it was called "Beef."  They got longer and better from here.

 And the gloves...they were our brakes on the zip line.  
 Ryan Toler.  

 Ryan coming in.
 I know, I know.  Have you ever had a time where you went on a trip and took lots of pics.  Then when you get the pics you see that all day you've...had bad hair/or one hair sticking up, shouldn't have worn those jeans, forgotten to put on make up, that shirt wasn't as cute as you thought...or in this case...had a harness on all day that had an awkward snug fit?  Live and learn.

 Above:  there goes Dan!  
 This one was the MEGA zip line.  We were very high up and it went all the way across this lake to the other side.  SO FUN.   Gorgeous view on this beautiful sunny day. :)

 Here I go!
 Half way through...
 All through the tour the guides told us about the trees and wild life all around.  
 This swinging bridge was exciting! The guide was behind us...and he would push the railing out to the side where we couldn't reach.  I screamed...loudly.  

 Here goes Ryan on the zip line where they instruct you to 
walk off the side of the cliff as if not connected.  That was fun too.
 At the end we had a little ceremony with our guides 
who handed out certificates.  Our guides were nice guys.
So now we have this fun thing close by.  
We may have to take our family to do this with us on their next visit!!

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