Saturday, April 28

blog by pics...

 I made this little deal from Pinterest.  :)  12 x 12 frame with scrapbook paper in it as a memo board.  LOVE it, use it often.
 Above was my Easter decor for the board.
 Daisy made this cute "ad" for Daniel. :)
 Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do in Target, you know what I am sayin'?  I was headed to the toy section to get a bday gift.  In stronger moments, I use this opportunity to teach my kids that the world, in fact, does NOT revolved around them and they will not be getting a toy just cause they see one they want. :)  But this day I was not up for I went with a cheap distraction of popcorn and slushies.  And it was 2 bucks well spent!!

Our little fam went to a new area of Jervy Gantt park.  It's called Memories of Missing Smiles (MOMS) park.

Later that night we had a dinner double date with the Phillips.  Brandon didn't want his pic taken. :)

 We had a great dinner at Outback.  YUM.

This pic below was one taken while my parents were here. :)  
I love this picture.  I love my Dad. :)

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