Sunday, April 29

Doxa Easter Potluck at Tuscawilla

Each year Doxa has had a Easter Potluck at the park right by our church.  The kids all play and the adults hang out.  It's always a fun time.  

How will the little ones ever find these eggs? ;)

Lisa and I went early to set things up and hide some eggs. :)
Erin and Grace.
Whitney Claaay-er.  :)

Carter boys having fun on the playground.
Packed out merry go round
The Co and Emma Dean
Saywer (with his excited face on) and his daddy Jared
Getting ready for the hunt!

Jenn and Kaylie

Go Daisy!

Olivia with braces by Dr Jones Orthodontics. :)
Nat Nat with her bounty.
Isaac with Jackson.

Josh, Diana, and Collin Scroggie
Amanda Pell
Miya Bagasan
Grace Lindsay

Colbie and Alli....come on Colbs.

Alli and me

the fam...and Daisy's blue egg...

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Jamie Greene said...

Daisy looks so grown up. And that's a great picture of Isaac and Emma, so cute!