Sunday, April 22

March Madness @ the Joneses

Not THAT March Madness, silly.  Just the usual craziness that goes on in our house...and it happens to be March. :)  

 Coco decided he wanted to decorate my desk while I was getting ready.  He gave me many gifts...even a banana (he knows I love them!) on a plate. Even a small piano to play when I was between emails.  :) Sweet Bo-Co.
 We had a little baby play date at my house one morning.  Look at precious little Whitney Claire!!
 And below is super kissable Miya Bagasan.  
 She fell asleep while I was holding cute is she???

 And speaking of cuteness...what about this SUPER CUTIE!?  This is my little Emeryclaireprettiestwithred.  (if you don't know...don't ask.  There isn't a good enough explanation.)
 On the cute theme...this is my boyfriend Justin Bieber, I mean Daniel Jones. :)  Isn't he the cutest?

Daisy had field day on Friday before Spring Break.  We all went to support her!
 She is representing the family biz.
 Daniel is training Colbie for Cirque du Soleil. I think we have a future with her!! :)
 Go team!  And notice Megan, by Daisy, trying to take a pic of US with HER iTouch.  Ahhh, first graders.  Whaddayagonnado?
 And I am sure you have heard about INSTAGRAM.  I wasn't impressed at first but now I am really digging' in.  And supposedly so was Facebook...and bought it for billions!  Dang, wish I had thought of that!  Here are some of my first Instagram pics.

 Me with Kristie and Becky and field day. :)
 Below is my silly daughter the owl.  :) HA!

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