Monday, April 30

More Easter...and it's not even Easter Day yet!!

My Easter Bunnies (he's cupping her face in love!).  HA!

 Amanda and Kylie

Isaac had an Easter Party at Loving Care

 Isaac and Ms. Pam.

 Bean telling me "shhhh" like the teacher was saying.
 Boys:  Brayden, JJ, Oliver, Co, Lucas
 The took turns going to find eggs.

 There was a little boy who was Colbie got to hunt for his eggs til he came. :)

 The patient strikes Dr Jones car again...this time he found her out.  Another patient busted her in the treatment bay.  

 I had this great thought to share with Daisy and maybe Isaac the story of the Jesus' death, burial and resurrection thru these fun resurrection cookies!  Each ingredient relates to the story.  It's neat!  Well...We did it one day with Daisy, Olivia, and Isaac.  I read all the scriptures, told them all the parts, even spent 15 SOLID mins mixing (dan even took a turn).  So you preheat the oven...and then at the end stick in the cookies and turn the oven OFF.  We even taped the "tomb" shut just like they sealed the tomb.  Well...

A few hours later Daniel so graciously offered to help me with the ham that we were serving the next day at our house.  I really wanted it glazed.  And he was willing to make that happen.  I went off to the store and he got to work. 

When I got home from the store, he met me outside.  "Babe, I am so sorry.  I burned your tombs."  MY tombs!!  The ones we spend a good part of the morning making???  And in fact he had.  He was sure I was going to be mad.  But I wasn't.  :)  He had preheated the oven for the ham and toasted up the cookies.  :(  So much for the take-a-bite moment to see the TOMB WAS EMPTY! (They are hollow cookies.)  These were more like Atheist cookies.  Jesus lived and he died.  The End.   OH well.  There's always next year. :)  Don't worry, I still told the best part of the story to the kids...JESUS IS ALIVE!!!

 Shelley got to come down to help dye eggs with us.  


Jamie Greene said...

LOVE that Shelley!

Allison Phillips said...

Great picture of you, Isaac & Colbie!!