Friday, April 27

more SPRING BREAK 2012

SO this post is a doozie.  I know some of you may not be able to handle the length.  Just hang in there.  We had so much will you while meandering thru our memories. :)  These are all WAY outta order.  But you don't care. 

We invited the Phillips to come down for a few days to enjoy the beach with us.  They are tons of fun and added many laughs to the trip.  The kids get along swimmingly (pun intended) and so do the grown ups!

I am not gonna lie, those are two SUPER cute moms in the pic above.  Most of all, I love the humility evidenced in the life of the one in the hat. ;) (RTR)
Look at these pics!!  I mean, come on.  How can you NOT LOVE Instagram???

Brandon and Alli
Ahh, nothin' like being poolside in the afternoon, kids playing in the water, wind in my face, resting my elephantiasis legs in a chair. :)
Daniel, the kid magnet. 
(No children were injured in the taking of this photo.)
Sweet little BeanBean wanted to cross her little legs like her mama...
I call this pic "Grantalicious." I have always called him that.  Not sure why, really.  Once I called him that and he goes, "....Miss Melanieeeeee...."  ahaha.  And this pic was screaming his nickname!!!

Our spot.
In Daniel's defense, I was laying down while taking she seems much higher than she was.  BUT he did throw her higher than most moms/people in general would prefer to see.  She loves it.
Silly Colbs.

The kids and Dan spend an entire afternoon digging this hole...and making a hole to crawl thru.  
Aaaaaannddd...this was where I sat that entire afternoon.  I heart the beach (and my cute towel clips!).

So, Colbie Jean tans...priiiity well. :)

Nothin' more fun as a kid than being thown in the pool by your Dad.  Am I right?  Til that fateful moment where the water goes so far up your nose you are not sure if your nostrils are wet or on FIRE or that toss-turned-super-painful belly flop.  

Thankfully, Colbie Jean has not been as aggressive with the water this year...
YAY for me and Dan!

Alli loving the beach.
Emma Dean in a cute suit...but was a smidge saggy. :)

Diva on the beach. :)
Cartwheels on the beach.

Thanks Livers for keeping everyone in one place for 8 mins.  That was huge. :)

These crazy kids were dancing and watching themselves in the reflection. Now THAT's FUNNY.
Sweet little Bean!

Good times burying feet in the sand with Kid Magnet.
Another beach Diva. :)
Tough boys on the beach!

So we lost our green float.   And then we found it...floating FAR away from us.  Brandon takes off to rescue it.  I am pretty sure he swam a marathon to retrieve it no matter how many times we yelled, "Leave it!  It was only ten bucks!  Seriously!...Don't do it.  If you get it, I'll be mad!  Please, stop!"  It think he needed something to do. :)  And he DID save it.  Amazing.  Way to go Brandon!

Found some little hermit crabs (although they seemed more like hermit snails to me...) on a sand bar with the Dads.  That was fun adventure for the kids. :)

Daniel and Brandon begged to have their pic taken together 
next and we said no.  We would not allow it. :)

We ventured out and walked down to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.  Not a great experience.  But great company.

Jean Bean is choosy when showing her love for Alli.  Alli wants is so sweet to her but she is not always sweet to Alli.  She has warmed up a lot.  But this face in this pic pretty much sums it up!  Hilarious!
Are we not the cutest things???  HAHAHA...
What?  You want--?  Ugh.  Brandon and Daniel...don't ask me again (I'm getting agitated.). :)

Grant struck this pose on his turn for a pic and we all lost it!!

sweet friends. :)

Mama Raccoon and her man child enjoy the beach.  

We ate lunch one day and the Conch Republic.  It was SO good.  Wish I could go back and have Daniel's fish sandwich. :)
The kids all had crab claws for the first time...yum.

C copying her brother and sister.

Above: sunset
above: sunrise!
And cold little Coco on our last morning watching the sunrise.  It was such a great vacation.  We had such a relaxing and fun time.  Thanks so much to the Phillips Fam for joining us.  We love you guys!


Michael and Hannah said...

Love all the pictures of Colbie jumping around. She doesn't look like a baby anymore. :o( You'll have to give me info on where you stayed.

Jamie Greene said...

Colbie with her little pony tail reminds me so much of when Daisy had a little pony tail that size. Looked like a really fun vacation!!