Friday, April 27

more with Jeeg and Papa

 We all went to eat lunch with Daisy.  She doesn't act like she is thrilled to see us...but we always find out later that she was. :)  Papa bought her some ice-cream!

 Dad was deemed "Mic" after this funny name tag at MSA.
 Mom and I went and got pedicures!  
I had no pics of that this pic of the color I got that day will have to do. :)
 And when we came home, we pulled on our street and I saw...OUR NEW RECYCLING BIN!  YAAAAAAAAAY!!!
 Dad doesn't always like to hang out and sit still.  :)  So he decided to clean out/tidy up our garage!  WHAT A MAN!

We went for ice-cream one night at Bruesters. :) I Instagrammed it up!!

 Below was the sad moment before Jeeg and Papa left town.  Both she and Isaac are crying.  :(  We hate good byes.  But it was such a great visit!
 Then I saw this sign in a store the day they left...and it was perfect for us!!  I texted it to my mom. :)  But I think she cried.  :)

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