Tuesday, April 24


 So we decided kinda last minute to go on a Spring Break beach trip!  We found one of the LAST places available and booked it.  We found a condo in Madiera Beach (south of St Pete in Tampa).  It was a great place.  Right on the beach, parked underneath, pool, and many old people (and thankfully not Spring Breakers or tons of kids!)
Heading down.  Isn't it almost the most fun part of the trip??  Going there??

Decided to take Instagram in to my own hands.  You will see MANY pics from our trip in Instagram form. :)

Setting up!  The tent didn't last.  No one was in it...and it didn't provide much shade.

 View from the balcony.
 Headed out to play the first day!

 These are outta order...and I am lazy.  :)  This is Colbie Jean napping on the way there.

For one solid hour the first day...the Jeanbeanever entertained herself 
by jumping in and out of hole Daisy had dug.  

 I interrupted the "rule talk" Daniel was having with with kids (don't go in the water with out telling us, stay close by, don't eat anything...colbie, don't go deep with out Mama or Daddy...) in the picture below.  I thought this was cute of their silouttes. :)
 Colbie Jean was not too sure about the waves.  

  But she did love to race her Daddy to the water and then love getting chased back out by the waves. :)
 Here is a cool pic of me and the Jeanbean. (Look in the glasses...)


Eryn said...

Colbie is looking so grown up! Hope to see you guys soon :)

Jamie Greene said...

Like the pic of you guys in Dan's sunglasses. Sweet Colbs with her little ear plugs. Adorable!