Tuesday, May 1


The Easter Bunny came!  Thanks to Meems and us. :)  They loved their baskets.

Believe it or not...I ironed this dress.  Dang carseats!
 I LOVE Doxa Worship.
 Debbie, Whitney, Will and Erin
 Diana, Meghan, Sawyer, and Andrea

 Beth and me

 Easter Lunch!!  We had the Fowlers, the Highs, the Robersons and the Phillips.
 We had a fantastic southern spread.  MUCH in part to Diane...the silly face below.  I met her at the Y.  She is my functional teacher.  She is SO GOOD!
Meghan made this cute little birds nests for the kids.
I found this little guy cleaning out the attic at the office!
Florida egg hunt...
Daisy, Olivia, Jeremy, Isaac, Grant, Emma Dean, Andie, Trey, Natalie

A little easter ping-pong

Me and Leslie

And Grant found the Golden Egg!  $5 baby!!

We hid the teenagers eggs harder...Andie had the hardest time finding hers!  She finally found her last one!
Meg and Sawyer

Trey being silly...I think this was a victory dance. :)
Coco was getting tired. :)  Our company stayed til 6!  We were all having so much fun and enjoying the gorgeous day!!!

Diane was taking pics...she got the one above of Colbie supporting her home team.Andie
Andie, Me (with a kid on my leg), Leslie, and Diane
It was a wonderful group and a wonderful day!!

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