Wednesday, May 16

Minnie, cars and such

 Do you all wanna place bets on when I will stop posting pics of lined up cars?  
Sweet boy.  I hope never. :)
 This pic below is of all three kids at my computer...back up you little rats...KIDDING...sort of.  No really, please back up from Mamas desk.  Immediately. :)
 DADDY'S HOOOOOOME!!!!!!!!!!!!  
(That was me yelling in excitement...they just run to the car. :))
Btw...a patient got his car again...for Easter.
 Isaac had a play date with a friend, Oliver, from his class.  Oliver wasn't sure about staying...but once he saw all the cars...he was cool.
 Daisy had a sock hop (Western theme!)
 Below is her teacher, Mrs Bray, who she A-DORES!!!

 The pic below is of 2 of Daisy's friends (Jack and Emery) who won a little dance contest at the Sock Hop...then they hit the stage for their prize and had to show off their moves again...hilarious!

Watching Grant play flag football.  

 Dan is sponsoring teams at the Y.  
 So there was a Rodan and Fields party that we attended.  They were very disappointed to hear that I never wash my face, ever.  I don't even like getting it wet in the shower.  Gross?  Maybe, but it works for now. :) Now I am interested in the anti-aging stuff.  And when I get really nervous about looking too old, that stuff in the in BAG. :)

 Saw a firefighter outside Moe's and we got to see inside the truck...neat!
 This was our last Sunday greeting at Church... :)
 Emma Dean's funny face....and it adds to the hilarity when she busts out of this expression to a giggle.  So funny!!!

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