Wednesday, May 2

More in March

Out of order again.  Whattayagonnado?

 Isaac playing on the playground. :)

 This below is an issue.  I mean really?  Is this necessary??
 This was used in Daniel's office in decor...if you wanna know need to come see us and visit the office.  Looking pretty cool in there!!
 Another great find in the office attic...
 AN ORIGINAL MAC!  I took a pic of it with my iPhone. ;)
 Colbie was helping us with the cleaning out of the attic...sort of. :)
 We found these too!
 This pic above is what sweet Jean looks like when she is praying or counting for hide and seek. UH-dorable.
 We did a little slack lining at house church.

 We also found this're welcome for sharing it! ;)  I think my Dad had this kind of braces.  But he had better results with whiter, cleaner teeth. :)

 More on the playground!  With the Gorman boys. :)

 The tire pieces were rubbing off on the kids the longer we stayed.  
Look at my little puppy! ;)  They were filthy!!!

 below is the bath water after I bathed them all....GAH-ROSE. :)
 This was one of the eggs that was hunted on Easter at our house.  :)  It was a Dr Jones headband.  Sweatbands are also available. :)
 We were at Crispers one night and all decided to try the hold-yourself-up-sideways trick.  Daniel has always been able to do it.

Alli got this pic of me at just the right moment making me seem like WONDER WOMAN!  HA.  I was hardly up there a second. :)

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Jamie Greene said...

I want a Dr. Jones sweatband!