Thursday, May 17

Saturn, Doxa and so on

 Daisy had a planet project and was assigned Saturn.  She came up with this whole idea on her own and made it herself.  I gave her all the supplies she requested but she did the rest.  I was a pretty proud mama.  Way to go first grader!!! :)  (And she likes to work ahead on things...she is her mother's daughter!!)

Doxa, my last Sunday

 This guy above, Brian, is AMAZINGLY TALENTED.  He could be big.  We may follow him to his next church! :)
 Lisa Toler representing the family at Functional!!! :)
 And Emma sporting the same headband in traffic later that day.  I heard a honk and there she was!  HA!  Lisa said, "Don't worry.  The sweat had dried." Eeeeeewww.
 Playdoh fun.
 Dress up at Nat-nats house. :)
 So I burned my arm on a hot cookie sheet (feel on my arm) and this was the damage a week later.  It's MUCH better now.  The nurse in me had to post this. :)
 We have Horse Fever all around Ocala.  This is the cool horse in front of the Ocala Civic Theater.  Daisy get's Art Smart points if she has a pic of herself with these horses.  And as we were taking this pic...what do you know but Mrs. Dexheimer herself (the art teacher) walked up!  Hilarious!  She got the points! :)
 Not to be out done....Colbie Jean had to have her pic too.
 Here is the Co before his preschool program. :)
 This pic above gives you an indication of how Colbie acted during the program. :)
 Above is Emery Claire a Pretties-...after a nap.  It was "one of those days."  :)
 And this is what we found one night when we went in to check on the Co...sweetboco.

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