Wednesday, June 27

ending may, starting june

 Jean Bean wanted to know what I was laughing at while reading...7!  Hilarious.
 Meems doing bedtime story. :)
 True grandparent love...getting in the fort WITH the kids. :)
 Daisy was published!  We used her art for an ad for Dr Jones Orthodontics in Ocala Style. :)
 Daisy's note to her grandparents upon their arrival...  HA!
 This face Isaac is making is close to mine when I read that note.  :)
 Isaac got his scrapbook from Ms Pam on the last day of school.  I LOVE these books!  Isaac has gotten on for each year (3 years!) he was at Loving Care.  So sweet.  We loved that school!

Daisy was a first grade teacher for her career project at school.  She dressed as her teacher (pretty close right?) and taught the class about a teachers job.  She also got the "Lifesaver" award for always helping Ms Bray remember homework, to take attendance and so on.  She is a super helper.  Hopefully not annoyingly so. :)  

 Emma was a vet. :)
 Megan was a dolphin trainer. :)  See her wet hair? :)
 Jack?  Oh Jack.  I mean, Mr President.  :)

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Michael and Hannah said...

You have great kids.