Tuesday, June 5

Lots of Colbie and Symphony Under the Stars

Daisy's art. :)
A Bean in a basket.
Colbie's funny face.
One of her last days of Safe Start fully clothed.

Below:  The world is my playground.  Or the playground is my world, rather.
Emma (middle) had a loose tooth.  She was willing to let Dr Jones pull it.  So we went by his office and he yanked it out.  Here she is with her new smile. Now she has a "straw slot" as Mr Richard would sing. :)

Colbie (fake) chatting it up on the phone while enjoying some chips and salsa. :) She's like, "Mmm-hmm.  Yeah...(chomp, chomp)...I know...(chew)...that's what I told her..."

Baby in a bucket. :)
Happy Mothers Day to me!  Breakfast in bed. YUM.
Coco didn't want his hair jelled.  

Here she is AGAIN.  SO sweet.  


I look forward to this event every year.  I love that it's on Mothers Day and that it's a Sunday evening.  My whole family LOVES this event.  This year we went with the Tolers.  It was rainy all day but stayed dry for the evening.  It was over cast and so nice!  I didn't even break a sweat...which is saying a lot around here!  The kids played and we got to relax in our beach chairs on the gold course and eat a picnic.  Good times, great company. :)

Colbie dancing to the music. :)

Ryan, Emma, Colbs and Dan

Jump roping with glow sticks (didn't really work out).

Daisy with a new friend, Sophie Zedler. :)
The pic below was taken in the dark!  Took about 3 takes to get used to 2 flashes and recovering from the one before! ha.
Emma, Isaac, Josh, Daisy and Colbie

Colbie made herself at home ON Ryan.  We were cracking up. 

Glow FUN!


Colbie was not a fan of the loud fireworks.  But she was a trooper and hung in there thru the whole show.  Sweet girl.

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