Tuesday, June 26

May Days

 I happen to bust Isaac being sweet to Colbs, reading her a book.  Pretty sweet Bo-Co.
 Our new back porch set up.  Long story.  But here's the end result.
 All in my shoes...
 We had to go down to check on our house that we own (and rent out) in Orlando.  Hind sight is 20/20.  Wish pretty bad we hadn't bought a house in 2008 before the economic downturn.  Whatayagonnado? So we turned it into a little mini vakay.  We stayed at Homewood Suites in Lake Buena Vista.  The kids loved the pool and being in a hotel.  They are easy to please these days.
 I am smiling above but saying thru my teeth, "Daisy, did you take it?  ...now?  did you take it?"  which turned into the pic below...hahaha.
 Spider man in the pool.

 Free breakfast in the am...including the Mickey waffle iron.
 The next morning...MORE swim before check out.
 After we checked out of the hotel, we went to see our house and make sure it was all in good condition.  Then we headed to Downtown Disney for the day...or fake Disney that pleases the Littles and is FREE. 
 Isaac in "Lego Land"...one day he'll find out.

 The little Stitch in the upper right corner spits water at random...Dan was showing the kids.

Merry go round...not free.  But worth the money. :)

 We ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe.  Over priced so-so food...but a very cool dining experience. :)

Little instagram action:

 Daisy (above) looks like she is posing for a Christian artist album cover. :)
 Check out the beans hair!!


Still working on my Scripture Scraps for Daisy!
 A little dance train around the house...
 I told Dan I like to do puzzles.  He humored me and we finished this one.  Yay!  We are so OLD! :)

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Amanda Ketcham said...

You guys have so much fun and are so entertaining! I love you guys! Isn't Downtown Disney Rain Forest Cafe amazing!? It warms my heart that such a family unit has so many amazing times. Jones's ROCK! :-)