Thursday, June 28

McAllisters and Livi's Recital

 I will admit that as a mama with little ones, I enjoy the occasional (maybe more than that!) dinner out.  No dishes, no mess, no effort in cooking (which ain't my thang)...and it's yummy.  We frequent McAllisters on these dinner outings. I heart sweet tea. :)

 Dan taking in a little Ocala news. :) 

Livi had a recital that Daisy and I were excited to attend!!  She did so well!
 Alli and Livi...instagramed. :)
 ok, keep in mind...Livi is about to turn 9 and Daisy turned 7 in January. :)  She ALWAYS chooses little friends!

 Anna (Liv's cousin), Olivia, and Daisy

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