Wednesday, June 27

Memorial Day Weekend

Remember last year when we went to Isaac's friends (JJ's) bday party at the beach and we all got a horrible vomiting virus that night?  We went again this year! ;)  Thankfully we all had a great time during and after the party.  It's a fun day trip with great company. :) 

 Isaac and JJ
 Greta's baby girl, Grace.
 Isaac, JJ and Oliver

 Happy bday JJ!


 Later that night we went to a Graduation party for Jared High from Vet School...atta boy Jared!

And look who else was there!  Whitney Claire prettiest! :)  The invite said to wear your team colors.  We were the only ones in Crimson (RTR).  There was also a Vols fan and an Auburn fan ( my Granddaddy would say.). :)

 Here is Trent Richardson CHOMPIN' on a Gator.  I couldn't resist. 
 Bounce house, fun lanterns and great food. :)
 Me and another Gator baby...Will (or We-ull as his sister calls him.).
 Erin, me, Rachel, and Meghan (wife of the graduate...a hardy congrats to her too!!!)  Yes, I missed the memo on the "wear your team the form of a cute dress...)  DANG it.  I over thought it, knew it would be outside, with kids and a bounce house.  My default is always casual/comfortable.  I can hardly make myself look nice when it rains (this is serious!) HA! I always do this kinda stuff.  I'm that girl that goes Jr High on her friends and texts "So, what am I supposed to wear tonight?" while I am getting dressed.  Silly I know.  :)  Oh well.  It is what it is. :)
 Graduate in the middle.

 Mememo and BePops came on Sunday!  We had a great visit.  I think I have more pics...and if post.  You'll have to be patient.  I can tell you are dying right now. :)


Michael and Hannah said...

Love seeing you lovin' on all those Gator/Auburn babes!

Allison Phillips said...

You were dressed perfectly (except for the colors) :) You make everything you wear look great! my beautiful friend...inside and out! :)