Wednesday, June 27

more May days

 Daisy and Emma were making cute notes to go with their teacher gift for the end of the year.
 Their schools mascot is owls. :)
 We all went to see Daisy in her Share Show at the end of the year.  Here Daniel is keeping the kids entertained with a little paper soccer game he made up.  Colbie is the goal. :)
 Daisy is ready to dance!!
 Becky and Luke and the Co.
 Waving at Daisy where she sat.
 She did a great job.  I have some video of it.  Next time we are together, I will show you. :)

How funny are these cards at Target?
 It was time for our annual meeting with Joe...but he came to us and we had an UNBELIEVABLE connection! His wife, Amanda, is cousins with the Comptons (Alli's fam)...CA-RAZY.
 After a long day everyone conked out on the couch.
 Found this pic below in Daisy's art notebook for the year.  Roll Tide. :)
 Bean Bean taking in a little water aerobics. :)
See the instructor in blue thru the fence?
 This place is so YUM.  Greasy, yes.  Good for you, no.  But still fun to have every now and then, yes PLEASE. The sweet potato fries are ridiculous.  And Dan loves the PB, Choc and banana shake.  I think it's been in Ocala forever.  It's just a small brick building hidden near downtown.  So delish.

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