Monday, June 4

Safe Start and Papa came in town!

Safe Start again!  Hopefully for the last time!  We love Ms. Erica.  Colbie did SO well.  We were so proud of her.  At the end she was totally floating on her own, loved the water, can swim to the side and get out!  Way to go Colbs!!!

 So when she floats, she kicks her legs...which she is not supposed to do.  But ever since her very first lessons she was a kicker.  She will not stop those legs.  So what usually happens is she kicks so much that she makes it to a side and grabs on.  HA!  Silly girl.

 PAPA IS HERE!!!  (well, was in May.)
 He was busy.  Wrestling, doing laundry, dishes, working out with me at the Y, running errands...

 Dr. Daisy was giving him a check up.  :)
 We played at a park.

 Papa got them some bubbles with a bubble gun!  

Trent Richardson was nailing us with the bubbles.

 HA!  Poor Papa!

 Papa got Daisy some new fun tape...and her little brother decided to tape up his monster truck with it.  Oops.

 I love this little pony tail and little shoulders. :)  Her hair reminds me of Brittany of the Chipmunks...or is is the Chipettes?
 They were both saying "MEEEE!" to each other...
It was great to have Dad in town.  Thanks for coming!  WE LOVE YOU! 

Another fun use of Daisy's tape! :)  The Presidents. (The Co and Liv)

Daisy and Livy

 The Cyber mode of Papa being in town...  :) These kids know no games on any devices until the grandparents come in town.  And then it's a fun treat for them. :)

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