Saturday, June 2

Spring of 2012

Above is Daisy with some of her fav friends. :)  
Coralei, Chelsea and Emma.  This was at Coralei's birthday party.

This art above was done by Patricia (Emma's Mama).  SO CUTE.  All the kids in Daisy's class made an owl and here they all are!  Loved this.  It was for the art auction.

Below is a "brag on Daisy" pic.  One day I was folding laundry and she said, "Mama, go fix dinner."  I was like, "what in tha world..." but it was time and so I did.  She came and got me a little bit later...AND my mound of laundry was folded, put away and DONE!  IT. WAS. FAB.  (But now I know her little secret...she CAN do laundry if I need her to... bwahahahaha (that was my evil laugh)!
 Below is Colbs...who insists on sitting beside her Daddy (or whoever is reading to her) and NOT sit on his lap.  If you are wondering...this photo is reflective of our life with Colbie Jean. :)
 THIS is the new calendar I am so excited about I can hardly stand to wait til JULY to use it (when it starts).  Thank you Erin Condren. (see her I don't know's a business. :))
 OH Dan.  I love Daniel Jones. :)  
My shirt is doing something funny here...seems as if I am wearing a Tarzan shirt...noper. :)

 Jeaner and Daddy.  And her being a performer below.
 Caption for pic below:  "MOM...take my pic.  Can you see me?  Just my head?"  
 We frequent The Crack(er Barrel).  Daisy just learned to play checkers. :)

 We found several old polaroid cameras in Dan's office and helped ourselves.  They blew Daisy's mind.  :)  SO THAT'S what that song means!!!!  No, she didn't say that.  But don't you think most kids are wondering how in the heck to shake it like one??  
 So when I first got my calendar I had ordered some personalized photo stickers.  And when it came...some were missing.  So I had to take matters into my own hands. :)

 This is our Y kiddie pool.  :)
 Below is a frequent happening at our house.  CARS. ARE. EVERYWHERE.  Even the fridge. In his defense on this one they are color changers with temp changes.  
 ok, so a friend of mine sent me a pic similar to one below and it said, "Guess who just __(something fun or cool)___?"  and it was with a pic of her raising her hand.  I WAS CRACKING UP.  So I replied, "Guess who is excited about that?"....
 Every time I am with Whitney it's like my phone has a magnet out of my purse to my hands to take her pic!!!  I mean how many do I have of her like this???  But I don't care.  I can't help myself.  I think I could do a baby book for her mama.  :)  "Here is Whitney at 3 months and 2 days.  Here she is again at 3 months and 3 days..."  :)  BUT SHE'S SO CUTE.  And now sucking her 2 fingers like my kids...there is no stopping me now!

 That's edible cuteness, right there friends. 

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