Wednesday, July 18

June stuff

Colbie Jean went to the dentist for the first time. :)  How cute is that little hand brushing that lions teeth?  Aaaaaand how funny does this lion look with people teeth???
Let me tell you somethin'...Dr. Rons office doesn't mess around.  They know what they are doing.  Colbie Jean was tentative and clingy to say the least and by way of play, fun, showing her things and kindness...she had her full cleaning and exam...I'm pretty sure unknowingly. :()  UH-mazing.  Very impressed.
THIS is why I don't work out at home...
When I got home from Nashville...this was the pile in my house ready for my birthday!  What a man!
We potty trained Colbie Jean. :)  These little buns in panties are our reward for that process.  SO cute.

I pulled it together for this pic after my foot was chomped on my MANY ants just prior to this.  Ugh...
Above:  our babysitter, Kayla, had a magic curling wand.  She did Daisy's hair one night.  Daisy looked like a wig of ringlets those irish river dancers wear after it was first styled!  The next day it turned a little more reggae/starting my dreads... :)  Regardless, she was thrilled her hair was bent AT ALL.  It takes a lot.
Jen, Brian, Shelley, and all of us went to the Library!  Good times.
Look what sweet thing Becky Gorman did for my bday!  Fresh homemade salsa.  :) 

Sorry to do this.  But it's my blog book. ;)  I got this text while out to dinner with some friends.  Such a happy moment for us ALL!!

 (Daisy, your mouth is a little too close for comfort...c'mon... healthy boundaries...)

Daniel got me this GREAT art for our anniversary.  Eleven years.  Where has the time gone?

My screen on my phone on my bday.  For some reason my brain wants to remember things like this...that I maybe take for granted...and later I think...MAN, that looks so OLD! :)  So weird that the icons aren't textured thru the glass yet!! :0
Attempting my quiet time while Colbie was awake...mistake...

Happy Birthday to me...

and below is another precious face of HILARITY...brought to you by Emma Deaner  :)

Monday, July 2

Nashvegas: storm chasers

 We went downtown one evening to check out a park that Sarah had suggested.  I can't remember the name of the park...but it was really neat.  When we all got outta the car we could see these storm was brewing.  But we went for it anyway.

 Even watching Julie hold E up like this was making my heart skip a beat!  I was a little nervous with the little ones climbing the sides trying to see!

 Here's the splash area of the cool park.  Doesn't it look fun??
 Here comes the storm!  Over the Titans stadium.

 These pics are out of order and happen to be walking in....but we were sprinting outta there when the bottom fell out.  We crammed in an elevator with many wet strangers to get down from the bridge. Good times!
We had a great time with our fam in Nashville.  Now we have the beach to look forward to!!

Sunday, July 1

Nashvegas: water fun, adventure center and such

 Went down to Dragon Park.  Ate at McDougals and The Dog. 

 Daisy and Blake performed "party rockin' in the house toniiiiiight..." for us.  Daisy sang, Blake played the drums...I got it on video.  SO FUNNY.  Blake was a trooper. :)

 My Super Dad detailed my car while I was there.  I hardly recognized it.  Driving home all those hours and keeping it clean was rough.  I was hard core about it too...just ask the kids.  Snack?  Not on your life!  You can wait 6 more hours til we are home. :)  jk...sort of... Cause just today (weeks later) Isaac said, "Sorry mom, I got a crum on your carpet."  It's ok was doomed from the start. :)
 We went to the Adventure Science Center.  Really cool place.  Daisy the Doctor is below.
 This slide was the bowels.  Whenever you came out of made a tooting noise...pretty funny.  Scott, you wouldn't have been able to handle it.  I sure I woulda heard later, "Why did Uncle Scott keep making me go down that slide?"
 View from the play area at the top of the museum.

 So this slide is 2 stories long...and mom didn't want E to go alone.  The only problem was she sat down holding E backwards.  So getting her in the slide to go down was HYSTERICAL.  I was no help with my legs crossed trying so hard to get a pic before they solved this physical science issue. :)  Look at Julie cracking up and dropping her purse!  And Emery is like, "What tha-?"

 Success!  Whew.  And thankfully Emery LOVED the slide.  It WAS worth it.
 yummy burgers at The Pharmacy. :)
 We face timed with Daddy several times. :)
 Our last morning we went to the Donut Den to see Daniels cousin, Charles.  He is such a nice guy.   So good to see him! :)
 Look at mom successfully ducking out of this pic...

 yes, we also did water balloons that morning. :)

 Classic pic of our long trips...Colbie pulling off the headphones.

 more Dragon Park...hence the dragon... :)

 See Daisy down by it's mouth?

 Giant seesaw at the park
 The Blake started going really high and fast...
 oops...more museum...

 They are lifting that car with this lever!

 THANK YOU DAD!!!!!!!!!!