Monday, July 2

Nashvegas: storm chasers

 We went downtown one evening to check out a park that Sarah had suggested.  I can't remember the name of the park...but it was really neat.  When we all got outta the car we could see these storm was brewing.  But we went for it anyway.

 Even watching Julie hold E up like this was making my heart skip a beat!  I was a little nervous with the little ones climbing the sides trying to see!

 Here's the splash area of the cool park.  Doesn't it look fun??
 Here comes the storm!  Over the Titans stadium.

 These pics are out of order and happen to be walking in....but we were sprinting outta there when the bottom fell out.  We crammed in an elevator with many wet strangers to get down from the bridge. Good times!
We had a great time with our fam in Nashville.  Now we have the beach to look forward to!!

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Michael and Hannah said...

I didn't know Julie was expecting again! How exciting! Do they know if it's a boy or a girl? Stacy never puts anything on her FB so I can't keep up! Yes I'm talking to you, Stacy Jones!! I know you stalk Melanie's blog too. ;o)