Wednesday, August 15

Cagle Vakay @ Santa Rosa Beach

Ok friends.  To the tens of you who still read, I must warn you...this one is a DOOZIE.  LOTS of pics. And due to my Bloggers uploading issues and laziness...they are out of order.  So if you you've eva loved somebody put cha hands up...and just stay the course to see the fun of Cagle Vakay unfold. :)

A quick pic to say (once again) the dream is still alive...although it's getting Super hero rivals as of late.
SANTA ROSA BEACH!!!  I drove with the kids to meet mom and dad there Saturday.  Picked up Daisy from BePops (thanks again BePops!) on the way after she was done with Super Camp in Columbus. :)  The trip went really well.  I got there early with the kids. We even went to the beach before Mom, Dad, Julie and Emery showed up.  I can't believe I did that alone.  I am maturing as a mother right before y'all very eyes.  *sniff!*

Wrestling ensued at bed time with Papa. ;)

Fun times on the beach with my sista. :)
Emery Claire and I matched on the beach one day...the attempt at a pic was unsuccessful but you get the idea.

Julie's "DONT TAKE MY PIC" pose...but she still looked cute!
Sweet little E in the sand.  Had you been there with us you would KNOW you were witnessing a miracle in this pic.  She hated the sand!! I can't believe I got this pic and she wasn't crying. The sand shoes were ESSENTIAL.  She liked the water--wait, she liked someone holding her in the water.  Which I was happy to do. :)  She weighs like 10 lbs and it helps her love me more. I have to do what I can when I have the chance. :)
The kids loved the boogie boards.
Papa helping them.

Dad with Colbie and Emery.

Sandcastle time!
getting the sand off after all the hard work. :)
Pool time!  Emery (2), Daisy (7), Isaac (4), Colbie (2)

We went to a restaurant in Destin called Deweys Destins on the Bay.  It was yummy!

My mama paid her dues IN FULL with Colbie Jean.  Colbie would tell her she had to go potty...and Jeeg would hike up to the bathrooms and sit with her.  I feel certain they made at least 5 trips one morning.  This is a pic of mom stalling Colbie (on the porch by public parking) from going all the way back down to our "camp" since she kept crying wolf on needing to poop.  THANK YOU MAMA!!!!!!
Look at Isaac's hand pose...ha!
My cousin, Jessica came over with her kids one day.  The kids had blast playing.
Me and Jess (and Super Baby Georgia)

All the cousins:  Emery (2), Daisy (7), Jackson (7), Georgia (11 mos), Charlie (4), Isaac (4), Colbie (2)
This shot took like 15 times.  Here's the best I got...

Georgia! :0)
Camera fogged up!!

Photo bombed by my brother...
reminder mel:  put on a hat and sunglasses, I'm not gonna tell you have an onion head. :)
Aunt Kristy and Colbie surfing on Scottie.

We went over to my Aunt Cindy's house in Destin for the 4th.  We had a FABULOUS time hanging out with my cousins, Jessica, Lana and Beau and their families. :)  We took the golf cart to the Wharf.

out of order fun beach time!

below:  Beau, Jessica, Scottie, Me and Ryan (Beau's girlfriend)

For Scottie's bday we got him some Big League Chew...he ate it all at once just like the old days. :)
The boys got wrapped up in a movie on the laptop...ha!
4th fireworks!


I heart my camera for these low light pics. :)

Thought we could see the fireworks from Cindy's...but the trees grew.  So we saw great fire works thru the silhouette of trees. :)  Still worth NOT fighting the crowds with kids and toddlers.
Scott tried skim boarding (is that right?) while this young group of guys were all doing it.  In usual Scott was HILARIOUS.
This is how much Emery LOVES family photos.  NO comments boys.  We know you feel the same. :)

Dad :)
Our house "All U Need"
Blake, Em, Julie

This pose is how Julie told me she'd lay out if she really wanted to get an even tan.  Cracked me up. :)

Roman candle!

Colbie covering her ears...very typical of her.

Isaac with his water camera from Cindy!


Jamie Greene said...

Love the wedgie in the suit shot. Too cute!

Michael and Hannah said...

Y'all are having WAY too much fun this summer... knock it off!

Michael and Hannah said...

And you potty-trained Olympic swimming daughter that is YOUNGER than my monkey who has never ONCE sat on the potty or completed an Olympic event is making me go into caparison mode here... never a good place to be when going up against a Jones! ;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi Melanie,
My name is Jane and I'm with Dwellable.
I was looking for blog posts about Santa Rosa Beach to share on our site and I came across your post...If you're open to it, shoot me an email at jane(at)dwellable(dot)com.
Hope to hear from you :)