Tuesday, August 14

Columbus Trip

 We went up to Columbus for a weekend trip to hang with Daniel's parents. David & Eryn et all were there. We had a great time seeing them and the kids again!

Let's start with one of the many throw back toys that my mother-in-law saved.  Yes, across ocean people!!  Each time we go Maurine will bust out "new" things for the kids to play with.  And each time I am amazed at the toys (I used to play with) AND the great condition they are in.  My brother used to love Micro Machines. :)

PB&J Face loved them too. :)

Buddy, Maurine, Me, Daisy and Alisa went downtown Saturday am to the Farmers Market.  I love a farmers market!!
Neato fabric flowers

We got free fans while there.  They were to campaign for someone who wanted the County Coroner job.  NO thank you.  The girls asked, "Who is this guy on this fan?"  A crazy man, girls.  Maybe they make a lot of money?

We grabbed peaches for a snack.

Instagram strikes again...

Fun backyard play with the cousins!!
Cutest, sweetest boy...Braylen.
The gals...(and I won't say it, meems, but she does have "that" face on...)
Alisa (5), Daisy (7), Mia (3), Colbie (2)
Man down...the fingers were in his mouth...and this is the following posture.  We are hoping he finishes up this happen soon.

OK so here's something funny.  My Colbie is 2 1/2.  Alisa is FIVE and going into Kindergarten.  And yes, they had a hard time see-sawing.  And it wasn't cause the 5 year old was heavy. ;) HA!
This pic makes me a wanna grit my teeth and kiss that little wet head!!  Isn't Braylen so cute?
Again, my child see-sawing...with 2 little cousins on the other end.  We grow 'em big...and they are all tiny!!

Figitron Newtorns...yumminess.  Thank you Dave and Eryn for my birthday treat.
Another cool toy!  I mean these really brought me back!

Cousin dress up!
Braylen...he loved that rolling pin.  He kept calling it ice-cream. :)
Alisa and Aunt Mel


Michael and Hannah said...

We were just in Columbus! Wonder if we were there at the same time... gonna have to coordinate one of these days!

Eryn said...

Sitting here with Mia and Braylen. They feel like stars right now because they are on my computer with Daisy, Isaac, and Colbie :)

Jamie Greene said...

Love the farmer's market! You have to campaign to be a coroner? Weird...