Friday, August 24


 Hey Mel!  I saw your pics on Facebook!!  How was your trip??

How was it?  Fantastically fun.  It was a blast.  I laid all day on the beach under the shade of an actual palm tree.  I did not cook a meal, cut up anyones food, get interrupted, clean up pee or anything!  It was great!  We were in great company as well.  Brandon and Alli kept us laughing the whole time.  We had a WONDERFUL time with them. :)

 View from our balcony. :)

 The open air lobby
 YAY we are here!
 The room

 I know my loyal reader(s) are thinking...this is really too much room detail.  But it's so I can remember later in my blog book, ok?  Don't you know?  Blogging for me is no longer for your entertainment...but for my recording purposes?? :)

 Dinner the first night
 I didn't want you all to miss out on the Entertainment we had all week.  I'm sure it's obvious to you, but this is a celebrity wax museum.  Michael Jackson, Cher, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, and of course Bob Marley.  I will let you guess which one is which.  And btw, Bob was a terrible statue.

So we sat right in front of the "museum."  People were taking pics and such...more in a "are you kidding me" way than a "this is impressive" way.  Then the night guards of the museum came to put away the statues.  AND this is where is got comical.  Some were not cooporating.  Some were more diffucult to lift.  Some had wandering hands (I'm talking to YOU white Michael!).  Bob, very in character, helped himself up on the cart and just leaned back for the ride.  Then when trying to roll off...realized the weight was a bit much and the tire was bending in half.  :)  Don't worry, they were all safe and made it back stage for our performance later that night. :)

 Entertainment was on this stage each night.
 We laughed at this our first day saying "Um, i have that on my computer..."  but turned out it was for pics when the staff photographed you around the resort (kinda Disney World like).
 This was one of our rare pics of the 4 of us.  This random guy was making sure we knew there was a beach party later that night.

The elevator was a small, non ventilated padded room.  Each time we got in, it was hot and muggy and if more than 4 were on it...claustrophobic. :)

Below was this alternative...we actually did this half the time!
 outside our room!

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