Thursday, August 23

Randoms and Isaac's early birthday

I had to post this pic above to show you what Monday looks like in my laundry room. :)
 After all my hard work and money spent surprising sweet Daisy with her own room in January...we are now back to the same arrangement 7 months later. :(  Daisy was excited to share with Isaac again.  The main reason was that early rising Colbie was waking up Daisy and Isaac (see?  she was sleeping in there on the floor this summer!) every morning...EARLY.  So since the swap, we've all gotten more sleep.  So here is the new room arrangement.  Now all the "C" stuff has Daisy stuff now. :)  Colbie is confused about "me big gull bed?  Daisy in me big gull bed?"  Sort of Colbs.
I made this frame from notecards I bought for a friend graduating from UF.  If I was a Gator fan, I woulda kept it.  Wish this screen print artist liked Alabama!!
Colbs loving her some hot tea...this face KILLS me. :)
Daisy doing fast math and Isaac watching. :)
So I have seen my friend Rachel do this for her kids and I think it's fun. :) So we did it for Isaac.  We celebrated his birthday a little early since Jeje was coming to town. She was going to be keeping the kids while we went to Jamaica and she deserved to be apart of the celebration! :)  She had a horrible time getting here (flights cancelled, spend the night in bad hotel,...) but she made it!!

The next day we went to Gainesville to pick up Jeje and have some fun!  We went to the Fun Works.  There was arcade games, skating, play place, and (what we really went for) go karts!!

I think Isaac has his Spider man pose in this pic below...

Although his face is not communicating it here...he was pretty pumped. :)

OK, so...Daniel suggested we stay a little longer and let the kids try roller skating.  I raised my eyebrows to this idea but remained silent. :) Secretly I DID want to roller skate...but knew the kids would not allow the speed skating, crossing over on the corners, dancing, hokey pokey lovin', train makin', skating I would wanna do. :) HA!  So I took a deep breath and in the name of love for Isaac we took 20 mins to lace up (should have been our first clue) and hit the rink.  

I went around once to get my self know it takes a lap or 2 to warm up after 10 years outta the rink.  Came back around and got Daisy.  


She was slipping and sliding all over that rink.  By the time we got around JUST the first turn she and I had broken a sweat.  I could just see a neon orange blur where her feet should be.  Isaac and Daniel were the same.  But he had not yet shaken his sea they were both struggling!  I was laughing so hard, I could not see for the tears in my eyes. Y'all falling people OWN me.  AFV is my favorite show for a reason. :) My mom was watching from the side with Colbie and said she was cracking up watching me be such a sympathetic mama!  HAHA!!!  Oops!  It was too funny!  So please take a gander at the pics below and get an idea of the struggle fun we had!!

pretty sure in the pic below I am wiping happy tears from my eyes!!!

Isaac made it around twice before falling into a puddle of tears.  Daisy was getting the hang of it and wound up loving it!  I wouldn't say she was sailing around but IMPRESSIVELY improved from the first lap! :)
Mom, thanks so much for taking pics!  So glad we have these!

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