Sunday, August 26

Third installment of JAMAICA MON!

 We went to Dunns River Falls one day.  It was beautiful and so fun!


 looking back, my shorts look like basketball players in the 70's...oh well...



 Below is a pic of Daniel and I getting the scoop from David if we were officially Alisa, Mia and Braylen's aunt and uncle or if they would just be so in our hearts.  BUT IT WAS OFFICIAL THAT DAY!  YAY!  Thank you Lord!! :)

Market at Dunns River Falls

It was those VERY heavenly waters that I was offered pot by a local while in the water cooling off.  And it was that VERY beach in front of our chairs where we saw the man arrested for attempting to sell it, saw him ditch the pot slyly 5 FEET IN FRONT OF US with out the policeman seeing it.  We had to call the cop back to get it...out of the rolled up sock that he pulled from his swimsuit.  Ewww.... 
ahhh...Memories.... :)

 Below: was beautiful!!!
 This is where we had our massages done...on the beach with the waves as background noise! :)

 napping Mon.  This is the scene I dream about since returning home...napping on the beach. :)
Layout chairs IN THE POOL.  Although, believe it or not, humans are quite buoyant making this somewhat challenging to use! HA!

 MORE of our entertainment...the sign says "INSULATION:  keep out of the sun or ELSE." Notice the hilarious (and I use this term very loosely) progression from day 1 to day 4.

 Above: these are banana favorite thing at the resort!

 Last morning.  Breakfast before hitting the road. :(

 I heart bananas. And I am not afraid to use one...

It was such a fun vacation.  Thanks so much to our friends the Phillips who had this fun idea and made it happen!  We'll have to do it again!  

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