Sunday, August 19

Vacation ended early for a wedding...AND a stomach bug. But CONGRATS Jen and Brian!! :)

Ok, once again, Blogger has fruit-basket-turn-over-ed my picture order.  UGH.  And it's an odd, slippery process to cut and paste these things.  You know sometimes in advancing technology and improving sites, things are just made more complicated.  Oh well.  

SO...we were going to have to leave a day early from Cagle Vacation to make it to Jen and Brian's rehearsal dinner.  Daisy and Isaac were invited to be the flower girl and sign bearer. :)  We were so excited to spend this special time with the Russell family!!!  So we were leaving Friday morning to make it back in time.


Friday morning my sister woke me up to tell me that Colbie had thrown up.  What?!  Oh no.  And that Scott had been throwing up all night long.  OH NO.  So I got up.  Colbie was acting fine. We were all hoping that it was a one time thing...when she threw up again.  I woke up Dan to start the packing process.  It was raining out.  It was a good time to leave vacation what with the weather and vomiting and all. :)  So we quickly (read 2 hours) packed the car and hit the road. Thankfully, we had come in 2 cars (Dan came later cause he has a JOB...ugh...such a vacation bummer. :)).  Daniel and Daisy were in one car.  Isaac, Colbie and I braved the other.  So...Isaac started to complain about his tummy hurting.  Uh oh.  Fast forward 4 hours:  MULTIPLE road side stops, 2 target bags full of vomit LEFT roadside (my apologies to the road crew who tidys the highway...hopefully it was dry before you snagged it with your arm extension picker-upper), several outfit changes and a million phone calls/texts later we were all at rest stop pondering our next move.  Thus far Daisy, Daniel and I were fine.  So Daisy and I loaded up the Honda and headed out to the rehearsal.  Dan and other other 2 stayed behind at the rest stop for a while where still more vomiting ensued.  So sorry Dan.

We had arrived a little bit early so we were walking around the chapel in the heat.  She had mentioned she wasn't feeling great.  Uh OH.  Then when I looked at her she turned pale and looked as if she may barf right there in front of the church.  I guided her to the grass and then back toward the car.  She said she wanted to go home.  Poor Daisy!  We were both HEART BROKEN she was sick.  She got in the car, I cranked up the AC.  She was feeling a little better.  I got out and told the Russells she was sick and we were headed home.  :(  Daisy has a small surge of "I can do it!" and we attempted to go back in. But it was short lived.  So we headed home to Ocala.  She slept the whole way home (SO NOT her! She was sick.) AFTER she threw up on the side of the road.

And WHEW.  I was exhausted.  What a day!!

We were SO SAD. We wanted to go to the rehearsal dinner so badly!  :(  The next day, everyone woke up and felt TONS better.  So, we loaded up and went for it.  Isaac and Daisy were able to be in the wedding and we got to be a part of a very special day for some of our very favorite people!! :)  We did our best to keep to ourselves and not hug/touch others/anything.  We warned those we did contact to RUN and wash their hands. :)  

It was a beautiful day!!  So thankful we could be there. 

Baughman Center
This was at the rehearsal when she tried really hard to be tough.  We left shortly after this pic. 

Again, these pics are all out of order.  Here is Eric Brown, another one of our favorite people, after the wedding.

This is a pic of Daisy explaining to me how she had to keep Isaac in line during the wedding. :)
At the reception with the Bride and Groom! :)

YAAAY! They are married!

Fun Mad Libs at the tables

Before Jen walked down the aisle. :) She was SUPER chill. :)
Daisy and Isaac doing their thing...
In their spot. :)

the pic below is my favorite of the day :)

This was Daniel giving Isaac the "stop crying and smile in these pics or you may be in trouble later" pep talk. :) It went well...smiles all around. (Just noticed the groomsman on the end...he was either really hot or super emotional! ha!)

Daisy's hair...I liked it. :)

Colbie boogy-ing down at the reception
Cinnabon for the Grooms cake...I kid you not...IT. WAS. YUM.

We had a great day.  So thankful you had us, germs and all. :)  We love you Jen and Brian...and the whole Russell family! :)

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Jamie Greene said...

It was a great day and D and I did such a great job! Jen was so chill- she was such a perfect bride.