Friday, November 30


 Colbie LOVES to help me with folding clothes.  I started honing her skills by giving her the sock matching task. :)  She gets so excited to find a match.  And I do less for me to find! :)

Stylin' Daisy Jones...

 Livi and Daisy made this scrapbook of pics of them.  CUTE.
 Here's our Thanksgiving Cards!

 I still do this...
 I had to make some signs for the basket auction at school.

Tuesday, November 27

St Pauls Thanksgiving Parade and Feast and a few more things...

Meems was in town for this fun event!!  We went to see Colbie and Isaac be Pilgrims and Indians and sing fun Thanksgiving songs.  SO CUTE.  One of the teachers even lead a big pow wow song and danced around.  Pretty funny!  And we had that song in our heads for weeks... :)

 Our little Indian with Ms. Michelle
 And Ms. Kara :)

 Each class brought part of the feast of turkey sandwiches, fruit, juice boxes and dessert.  Then families have a picnic at the school.  Really cute idea. :)

 Becky and I
 Alli and I

 Yay Meems was here!

 Isaac, Grady, Carson, Reagan, Walker and ?

Went to Cracker Barrel for dinner.

 Isaac thought the fire was hot. :)

 Colbie on the playground at school...yuck...

Isaac and Carson going to the Gator Football game :)  I allowed it...even him wearing the color blue. :)  I did NOT allow the CHOMP to be done. Kidding...sorta.  But seriously...don't.  No, haha (I mean it...two fingers aimed at my eyes...and now they have turned and point at you). :)

There was a Thanksgiving Meal Potluck with our Central Christian Church family one Sunday night.  It was DELICIOUS.

 We sat with the Largetts. :)  Here is April and her sweet daughter Ava. :)
 Enjoyed a little worship after we ate. :)

 We went on a fun date night that same weekend with the Phillips to the Villages to eat dinner.  Then we came home and went by to see the big tree at the Ocala downtown square. :)

Monday, November 19

more september

 Gorman boys and my day when I was smoking crack and took 5 kids to ChickFilA. :)  They actually did really well.
 MOPS!  Leighton Mims, my partner in crime. :)
 We did a some Speed Dating for friends at the beginning of the year. :)
 Here it is!!!
 More exceptionally entertaining facetime w EC. :)
 Coco caught a frog

 Beautiful (warm!) evening. :)
 This girl group was...a challenge. :)
 Nanny and Brooks headed to a game!! RTR!

 Citizens Circle, Ocala's new splash park

 Below was my inspiration of pumpkin painting...stay tuned...

 Cars. Are. (still.) Everywhere. :)