Wednesday, November 7


My mama used to put "napkin notes" in our lunches...happy to carry on the tradition.  Helps when they can read. Preschool's the thought that counts. :)

 This was my YMCA member card when I was in Orlando.  Look at my sweet little squish of a boy!

 Isaac loves this marble run thing he has. :)

 Whitney Claire loves to point. :)

 Above:  our puppy, Isaac. :)

 Isaac and his teacher (and my friend)...Ms. Alli.  He loves her. :)

 There is a book called the Kissing Hand...and all the parents sent in their hands to make a personal Kissing hand book for the class.  SO CUTE.
 I don't really mean this below....but come on it is funny.  :)

 Daisy likes Sudoku
 Got a package with packing to sort of contain the mess...they played with them in the dry tub
 We had a childrens ministry breakfast one morning.  The kids were there and colored on the tables while we listened.  You can imagine the background roar in this setting!  but the older kids drew on the table....

 Me and ED matched that day...
 We went to the BRAND NEW SPLASH PAD here in Ocala. :)  Very exciting.

 And I ran across this little pic recently....OH MY WORD...the squishiness!! :)

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Jamie Greene said...

Isaac used to be such a chunk. :) Love that little Bocky Co.