Sunday, November 18

More September...

 Uncle David adjusted us all when he was here...even Colbs! :)
 This was the girls art...
 Alisa's art (above)
 Here is Lucy next to one of their friends shoes. Now, she was a TINY baby (5 lbs, 15 oz) but he does wear a size 15. :)
 Big Sister Emery Claaaaiiiirrrrre.  :)  She looks happy in the pic below.   But her life was completely rocked and she made no bones about the fact that she didn't like "that baby."

 I thought this was so cute...but I wish it woulda ended at "get it done"...not sure what "girl style" really even means...
 MOPS!  Here's a sign I made for our group.  I tried to copy the font of the logo and theme for the year.
 Below is Leighton, my partner in crime planning MOPS.  She is great fun as you can see. :)

 One of my favorite possessions...cause it's a mix of fall, pumpkin and Alabama football.  :)
 We go to some local high school football games on Friday nights with Millers on occasion.  It's so fun to hear the band, watch the cheerleaders and watch a little football.  Honestly, I spend the whole time flappin' my gums at Debbie cause we usually need to catch up!  And of course we all pass around sweet Whitney. :)
One game Daniel was explaining what the rules of football were to a VERY interested Daisy.  Every mans dream of connecting with his daughter...
 Matt will do this one day with Whitney.  :)
 Sweet little pointer...

 Isaac was the first one to bring home "Owl-fred the Owl" from his class.  (The class is called the Owls.)  We kept Owlfred with us for the weekend and took pics of what we did with him and then journaled about it.
puppet show anyone?

Below was a time I turned into my parents and made my fighting kids go sit on the couch and hug ...went well, I think. ;)

Heaven. :)  Had it been even remotely CLOSE to fire weather that woulda made it even awesomer. :)  Not a word?  Yes, it would be if I had a fire. :)
Emma Deanie and Bean at church...matching in their brown.  Yes, ED is in Kindergarten and Colbs is 2.
One Sunday afternoon we had a staff family picnic.  It was small of course but we had a blast!  They are all SO sweet and so are their families.  We appreciate so much how hard they all work.  Below is a friendly game of soccer. It was pretty entertaining. 
Dan lead the group in a Simon Says.  He's pretty stinkin' good at it...not many survived for long. :)

Jack Gorman and Daniel at lunch one day at school.  IF he ever does become President of the US we want proof we knew him. :)

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