Monday, November 19

more september

 Gorman boys and my day when I was smoking crack and took 5 kids to ChickFilA. :)  They actually did really well.
 MOPS!  Leighton Mims, my partner in crime. :)
 We did a some Speed Dating for friends at the beginning of the year. :)
 Here it is!!!
 More exceptionally entertaining facetime w EC. :)
 Coco caught a frog

 Beautiful (warm!) evening. :)
 This girl group was...a challenge. :)
 Nanny and Brooks headed to a game!! RTR!

 Citizens Circle, Ocala's new splash park

 Below was my inspiration of pumpkin painting...stay tuned...

 Cars. Are. (still.) Everywhere. :)

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Jamie Greene said...

Colbie looks so much like Daisy in her little one piece. :)