Wednesday, November 7

September 2012

September (esp the start) was loaded with fun!  A family visit from some Joneses and Alabama Football!

(If you are wondering..."what in the WIDE world is causing this blog vomit?"...well I will tell you.  Number one, I am way behind.  And number 2 my holiday cards will list this site and it needs to be current. :))

Some art by Isaac.  He has started drawing his cars more detailed. :)
 Waiting for carpool (Mr Kevin) to pick up Daisy on a rainy first day.
 This was the Co after his first day.  He was so excited.  HE LOVED IT.  And he said, "St Paul's is a great place.  I wanna run there everyday because I love St Pauls."  :)

 This was a silly thing I saw on Pinterest...I am not making light of any storm and what it's done to people.  BUT Isaac (the storm) talked a huge game and then politely passed us by dumping rain as he went.
 Burpees are my LEAST favorite exercise.  This cracked me up...
 Bean Beaners first day of "COOL"!!!  She's in Ms. Kara and Ms. Michelle's Busy Bee's class. :)
 Saw this in an antique store... :)
 JONES VISIT PHOTOS COMMENCE!!!  Yaaay!  It was so fun spending the weekend with these precious children AND their parents. :)
 Above: Mia, Bean, Dais, and Alisa. :)  Dress up is always a hit.

 Bray-bray LOVED all our elephants.
 And we all loved Bray-bray. :)
 We went to the farmers market and then to Dee Dee's doghouse to eat. :)  The kids loved watching the real trains pass by.

AND THEN MY FAVORITE SISTER HAD LUCY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Here she is!!!!!!!!!

 A little facetime with Aunt Mel. :)
 This day was LOADED WITH FUN.  Great company, great ball game and my sweet little niece Lucy was born. :)
 The Joneses all ventured to Silver Springs...
 It appears Colbs and I are having a sweet moment...but really she is clinging to me for DEAR LIFE cause she was scared to go on the glass bottom boat.  *sigh*
 Merry Go Round!!! :)
 We were posing in utter excitement about the Bama game being on. :)  It was texted to multiple family members.
 My aunt Jan sent me a pic of my Nanny watching the game.  This is like catching the wildebeest crossing in the wild on film (it happens so rarely) because NANNY IS ACTUALLY WATCHING!

This is my sweet Granddaddy watching the game. :)
 me and braylen
 sweet Mia
 me facetiming with Lucy Lu...
 All 6 at the farmers market...
 Eryn and Braylen
 Alisa's silly face!

 This was a text I got during the Michigan/Alabama game.... :)))))))
 Daisy drew this of her and Alisa. :)
 We went to McAllisters for lunch Sunday.  Alisa got nachos...I'll say!!!  HU-MONGO amount of nachos! :)

Good times Joneses! We love it when you come.  Can't wait til Christmas. :)


Eryn said...

Love it! And Alisa has asked for nachos every time we have been to a restaurant since then!

Michael and Hannah said...

That was quite the catch-up! Thanks for the pics of Lucy. So sweet.

Jamie Greene said...

Glad you're back to blogging! LOVE Silver Springs. Was naked buns bear still there?