Monday, November 19


 Is there a cuter pic of Emery Claaaaay---errrrr?  She thinks face timing with us is hysterical. :)  And do we. :)
 One of my fav scents for the season.  :)

 Below...heaven in my almond milk
 I saw this and loved it.  And I made my own version of soon as I find the pic of that finished product I'll post it! HA!

 Headed to Jacksonville to a Kari Jobe/All Sons and Daughters concert

Alli's mirror face. :)
 Alli, (brandon on the phone) and me :)
 First Baptist Jacksonville?  It was HUGE.  We parked in childrens ministry parking deck!!  WOWZERS

 Sportin' my T after the show...
 Waffle House on the way home!
 The fam did a little "Clark Kent" glasses shopping for Daniel.  We call them nerd glasses...he prefers the first name I mentioned.

 ROLL TIDE.  She is standing on a napkin to stay still for the pic. :)
 This was a charity concert by our old Doxa band...they are amazing!
 Brian and Brandon.
 Melissa and Alli
 We went to Wild Waters one day...

 These little ones couldn't ride some of the slides.  So they waited at the bottom for everyone else.

 This is Emma Deans real sad face cause she REALLY WANTED TO RIDE. :(

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