Sunday, September 30

Annual Trip to Sweet Home Alabama

Each year I go see my friend Rachel.  :)  I say "my friend Rachel" cause she and Daniel make fun of me for saying "my friend."  I guess I over use it with them who KNOW FULL WELL most of the people I speak of.  Much like saying "my husband Daniel."  HA!  Anywho...I went to see Rachel. :)
She is one of my favorite people of all time.  Our annual weekend together is one of my very favorite things.  We talk, shop, eat, play with kids, see Nick, shop, get Summer Snow, watch football, eat, laugh and laugh and laugh.  It's wonderful.  As always, THANK YOU RACHEL (and her family!) for making our weekend so wonderful!!!

 Sorry (for me...cause i am too lazy) that this is sideways.  This is when the fun began.  I was sitting waiting for my flight to board.  Really the fun begins being in the car for 2 hours to the airport. ;)  But sitting and reading alone with a hot drink is pretty stinkin' awesome. 
 I don't know if you have seen the parody of the Maroon 5 song about Instagram...but this photo above reminds me of it.  :)  It's not an Instagrammed pic.  But the song makes fun of all the random things people CLOUDS! Hahaha

This year when she picked me up in the Ham we went to the Summit to shop.  We ate at Chuy's, my new favorite place!!  Shopping and dinner the first night???  SO FUN.

It's always fun to see the kids and how much they have grown.  It was a little surreal to walk Alex to the bus stop!!  And Avery riding a bike!

NICK AT NOON.  You know I love this part too. :)  Heard Nick talk and give us inside secrets about the game the next day.  All 500 of us. ;)  But seriously it was one of the best ones I have been too.  He told us to "match his intensity" and some other things that are so top secret I can't post them to my blog. :)

 I saw this shirt when we were shopping.  I dig it. :)
 Each year we try to get me to a Taco Casa.  I LOVE that place.  It was so yummy.  
 Look at silly Avery playing in the cars mirror. :)
 We ventured out to the t-shirt shack...great deals on my favorite clothing item (besides jeans). :)

 We ate at Moe's BBQ...(is that right Rachel?).  It was some fabulous southern cookin'.  My mouth is watering as I type. 

 Rachel made up some delicious taco soup on Game Day.

We did a little facetime fun with the kids. :)

 Ok...this is out of order...but I got stuck in the elevator in the Tampa airport.  It's the second time that has happened to me in the parking deck elevator in Tampa.  UGH.  I was stuck for an hour...and it was getting HOT in there!!  
 And I am always greeted with this when I return home to Florida. :)  Well, the last few years I have.
 More Nick at Noon...

Tell me allllllll about it Nick.  I mean like what's the REAL game plan (wink, wink) just between you and me...

 Another fun part is shopping with Rachel.  We have a blast!!!
 We got to see April Harbison who I have not seen in YEARS!  So fun to see her and Tim.
 The team arriving 
 Got rained on
 Got to see my family!!!  They were all coming to this game too.  Brooksey, Scottie, Me, Dad, Kristy, Mom and Nanny

Scottie (being silly) with Kristy

 Here we are!  RTR Baby.  I hope I have a picture of us like this when we are 60 in this same pose. :) I think we will!

 Big Al was there having a blast! 

 I love this pic of Rachel cause it is so her!  She laughs at me a lot...and then says "you're crazy guhl." :)  We were laughing cause our fake sleeping pic was not working out.  HA!  It was an 8 pm game...we were tired already and it was just starting! haha
 Sitll not working...hahahaha

We went to church and at University gives out little loaves of freshly baked bread.  I was a visitor so I helped myself. :)  IT. WAS. AMAZING.  We promptly ate the WHOLE thing on the way to eat lunch! hahahaha.

It was a fun weekend.  Thanks so much Rachel.  You're the best. :)

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