Tuesday, October 2

Fall randoms :)

For the tens of you still reading this blog...thanks for hanging in there! :)  I will say it was kind of a mistake to add the blog link to my Thanksgiving card, mail them out...not having updated my blog!  That was a dirty trick (as my mom would say).  :)  But I am working on it!  Keep the faith friends!!!

This was us laying in the yard one afternoon...this depicts how well that fun idea went.  I was basically wallered on for 20 mins on a blanket til bugs started annoying us...then we went in. :)

Have I mentioned (1000 times) that I love pumpkins?!  These were the first ones I saw on sale.  YAY for FALL!

 This is SO me...
 Below is the pic on the birth announcement for sweet little Lucy.  :)  I hear this pic was LOTS of work to take but it was worth it Jules!  So cute. :)
 When transporting pumpkins...safety first. ;)
Isaac's pumpkin :)

My friend Becky Gorman made this for me!!! LOVE IT!
Lucy Goosey in this sweet owl hat.

This is also me...
(and on another note...I am not sure I could live with out the screen shot function on my iPhone.  I LOVE IT!!!  I use it all the time.)

Isaac dresses himself! :)
Daisy keeps me on track. :)
Painting pumpkins with the Phillips. :)

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Michael and Hannah said...

I'm still hanging! You gotta start announcing the pregnancies before you announce the arrival of new family members... you Joneses are full of surprises!