Saturday, December 22

Family pics and more...

I ventured into the world of skinny jeans.  These are remarkably comfy...atleast this pair is! :)  This pic was taken to text to Julie to make sure I was not embarrassing myself in this outfit selection.  My sister is the BEST.  I text her quite often for fashion direction. :)

 Captain Hook bringing in my groceries. :)  That hook is very useful.  Daniel used this costume for his ping pong event at the mall.  I have more pics...I'll post those later. Colbie would have NOTHING to do with him!!
 Mom and Dad came into town!!!  We all went out to dinner one night at Ayattaya.  The kids went to St Pauls Parents night out. :)

 Bedtime story for the kids
 Papa took the kids to pick out a bird house for our yard.  Funny birds came.  Not one.  And the bees thoroughly enjoyed the hummingbird syrup.  They swarmed for days!!  Just recently (like December!) Did we see some Cardinals at the feeder.

This is a normal position for Colbs.  She doesn't like loud noises and scares easily...and she assumes this position.

 We headed to Coon Hollo with my parents and the Phillips (and Brandon's parents).
 Trough of children...

 Jeaner got pooped out!

 Here are our family pics by Pure Joy Photography (Kristie Griggs).  She does a great job! :)

 Daniel had some great pics with our kids!

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