Monday, October 29

Halloween Parade and Parties at St Paul's

 Hold on friends!  Look!  It's Halloween pics!!  We are almost HALF WAY THRU FALL.  HAHA!  It is my favorite season.  And there is so much fun to be had in the fall.  And if I took the time to actually write like I used to then you wouldn't be so bored with all the fall posts.  One day, friends and day I'll be back, splitting your sides with my comedic lines and terrible grammar and punctuation.  Just hold on til then!!

Real quick...this isn't Halloween related...but Daniel brought me flowers. :) Aw.

 And this was my favorite of these Keep Calm posters. :)

(No, I didn't get 1.2 K likes...)


 Isaac made Spiderman with spiders for a trick or treat bag at school. :)
 This pic is Alabama

Minnie in her pjs. :)


St Paul's parade and trick or treating... :)
Jake (Grady) and Red Power Ranger who's name is Jaden I think...but now that I think about it Isaac is a "Samurai PR" so maybe its not Jaden...? (Isaac)

Believe it or not Colbie (Minnie) and Gracie (Tinker Bell) LOVE each other at school.  Here they look like an awkward couple at a Halloween party.

**Also note the skillz of the children with the jack-o-lanterns in the background!  HA! I am sure non of those were Colbie's. :)
Colbie and Ms Michelle (who C calls "Ms Shell" thinking we all have a stuttering problem) were both Minnie Mouse!  She even had a tail!! We shoulda thought of that! :)

Batwoman (Ms Alli) and RSPR (Iz)

Singing fun Halloween songs...didn't know there were so many cute Halloween songs.  So fun! :)

Isaac was flanked by Katy Perry (no lie!) and Spiderman (Nolan)
Ms Mary and Ms Alli

Trick or treating at the church fellowship hall. :)
And on to the school office with Ms Kelly.

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