Friday, October 19

I love Lucy!

Daisy and I went to Nashville one weekend in October.  Lucy was born on Sept 1st...and we had not seen her yet!  Thankfully my sister has tiny babies.  So by the time I got to see Lucy...she was the size of my newborns! :)  SHE IS SO PRECIOUS.  She smelled positively delicious.  I love her like mine already.

Daisy and I had fun traveling together. :)  She wanted to pack her things in my black and white rolling back and pull it herself.  Done.

 HERE SHE IS!!!  We did a lot of this (below) while I was there. :)

As fun a treat for Daisy we got her coffee at the airport (or really hot chocolate at the kids temp was new to me..but genius!).  Turned out she was treated like 5 more times to Starbucks.  Yay for Dais! 

We went out to eat at CHUY'S for Julie's birthday (Happy bday to me too!) 

Then we went to a place for icecream.  Look at Emery's face as Blake takes his bite!  HA.
 Facetiming with the kids while I was gone. :)

Daisy was taking some pics of her own...

 (We went shopping at Opry Mills Mall...IT's HUGE and we shopped for 8 hours.  It was so fun!!)

 We got ourselves some candied pecans in the mall. ;)
 The damage we did in that mall. :)
 We also facetimed Jessica, Lana, and Cindy as well as sweet Georgia. :)

 Starbucks UH-gin.

 It was such a fun weekend with my family.  Lucy is so precious.  What can I say?  I LOVE LUCY! :)

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