Sunday, October 28

Maricamp Rd C of C Fall Festival

We love this Preschool (missed it this year!) and love this little fall festival.  It's free and the kids have a blast.  All the people at this church are so sweet.  This year we brought Minnie Mouse, the red Power Ranger and Dorothy and Todo. :)

When Isaac went to school here he had a buddy named Cooper.  And each year we come back we see Cooper (even though neither of them go to school there).  Peter Pan and Power Ranger played like puppies the whole time we waited to Trunk or Treat. :)

Here is Ms. Pam!  Daisy and Isaac both LOVED her. :)
Another of Isaac's fav friends, Brandon!

And friends, we have crossed a threshold of sorts...Daisy and Isaac can play a game...BY THEMSELVES.  FANTASTIC!

(Is any one else feeling like I may never finish blogging about fall???? too!)

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