Monday, October 1

More fall fun...

 These are our fabulous MOPS mentors:  Jana, Mary Lu, Rachel, Becky, Cindy, Dorothy

They sat on a panel and we asked them questions.  It's our Wise Women Panel.  We LOVE this meeting.  We learn so much and most importantly...we will survive! :)

 Below is an open face sandwich from Breadalicious the french bakery place new to Ocala.  It's already out of business :(.  SO SAD.  We loved this place!!!!

 Grady and buds. :)

Isaac loves to cut things out and group them on his wall.  Check out the current groups...

 I liked this reminder about life.  It's true! 
 Open house at St Pauls.  Grady and Isaac in Ms. Alli and Ms Mary's Owls Class.

 Sweet book made by the class. ;)

 Colbie Jean with Ms Kara and Ms Michelle in the Busy Bees. :)
 Isaac's pumpkin he painted.
 My kids LOVE to color!!!
 We made Halloween cookies...

 Isaac's front door sign.  

and his Spiderman, Superman and Batman pic.  

 I don't have this below...but I want it. :)

 This is my very favorite fall scent. :) (as you can tell by the lack of it left!!)

Loved this funny on FB.

This one too...
(see screen shot?  LOVE it)

 Isaac's homework...F words...he did better than you Scottie! hahaha. ;)

 the spread of food at MOPS. :) Mmmmmm...

 My pumpkin I painted. :)
 Kelly Wagner and I went to see Matthew West at First Baptist Ocala.  It was a great concert and so good to catch up with her. :)

 How we roll in Publix. :)

 Tough Power Rangers!!!  Isaac and Grant!

This below is so true for me!

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