Sunday, September 30

Rachel's blog of my visit :)

I love when this girl comes to town! I didn't get many pictures this time...I'm not sure why! I am trying to be more in the moment these days and not take pictures of everything so I guess this is when that started:) Melanie came to visit from Florida the last weekend of September, this time with no kids. We did our usual things Nick at noon, shopping all day and then Saturday we tried to hang out some, but there was just always something to do or someone to see-which is a good thing! As always, we had the best time!!

At Nick at Noon...we sat with some of John's partners so we couldn't be too crazy...
Shopping at Charming Charlies...
Trying on clothes at Target...
and...taking them off....ha!
Before the Ole Miss game we headed to Moe's for some yummy BBQ! Notice Avery with her head turn and eye cut.
Saturday, Tim and April, friends from Birmingham, came to visit. I haven't seen them in about a year and it had been even longer for Melanie. It was good to catch up with them! Melanie's parents, Nanny, cousin, brother and sister in law were also at the game. Once again, no picture of that...but it was good seeing them! 
At the game with Jimmy.

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