Thursday, May 31

Isaac's Program

 This will be our last program at Loving Care.  SNIFF!!  :(  We will miss it terribly and all of it's wonderful teachers as we move on.  

Here we are all spiffied up! :)  Yes, this IS dressed up for us.  Guess that's why Isaac answered "Mama looks pretty when....she goes to weddings"  on his Mother's Day card from school.  HA!  Cause for Isaac, this is as good as it usually gets. :)
 Dan was there...he just came a little later than us.
 Here is the Bean!  She is precious and quite the performer and strong willed child...a lovely bundle of fire and fun. :)  So when my kids act up I usually say, "Hey, look at me."  I just want their attention so we can proceed with communicating.  I like to know I have effectively warned them communicated so when the discipline occurs...they know why.  You know?  Well lately this (below) is how Colbie responds to that request...but like nose to nose with me.  Do you know how hard it is to keep a serious, child rearing, disciplining face with those eyes centimeters from mine????  In case you don't...super.  It's super hard.  I think I cracked the first time it happened.  I couldn't help it.

 Isaac did a great job.  As usual in programs I don't get great pics.  I did get some cute video though.

Daddy and the Co

 Below is Ms. Pam.  We LOVE Ms Pam.  I am so glad that she taught both Isaac and Daisy.  We will really miss her!!!!! (She's also a Bama fan...RTR.)
 I can't remember if this made it on the blog yet or not...and yes, I am too lazy to check.  Sweet Co...this is how we found him when we went to check on him before we went to bed.  

Friday, May 18

Daisy's fieldtrip to the Tampa Aquarium

Daisy's school plans a VERY FUN field trip to the Tampa Aquarium with the first grade.  They allowed MANY chaperones to go on this trip (YAY...cause you know my history of breaking a literal SWEAT to turn in a form to make it on a previous field trip).  This was even more fun because I was not one chaperone in charge of 6 was just me and Dais!  We had so much fun being together and hanging with her friends and their mamas.

Mama's on the bus.  (Becky, Kristie, Patricia, and Me)
When we first walked in...there were penguins waiting for us!

Sting ray petting pool

Emma Joyner at the aquarium

Daisy and Emma at the Jellyfish
Daisy took my camera and took TONS of pics.  She was a little me.  Also I was almost, dare I say "thrilled" (literally I get excited thinking about it!!) to see what great pics my camera AND iPhone were taking in such low lighting.  I know. I am a nerd.  But I've been waiting for years for my camera to take pics of what I see...the way I see them!
These little dudes were like 3 inches long...and seriously ELECTRIC.  Can you see it?  So neat.
This room was really cool.  This diver was mic-ed (sp?) and talking about the fish.  The guy behind her was wielding a protect her from the sharks!  But who was protecting him????
I mean I wouldn't wanna be the "protector" with this dude loose in the tank...
Ok, I am not sure what crazy thing happened with my flash but it looks like I photoshopped Daisy and Emma in!  I totally didn't.  Sorry Gorman boys. :(  The girls are really that tall.

Becky with Ryan and Jack.  I keep telling myself I can tell the difference between them even if Jack has his glasses off.  I have passed the test several times...but still fail on occasion.  I WILL figure this out and know these Gorman boys apart!
Ok, this owl was HILARIOUS!  Look at his face.  I think he was  mad I was taking his pic!  This could be one of those "fill in the caption" photos.  It would be so funny.  We were saying he was like, "Why you all up in my bidness Melanie Jones?  I thought I tolllll you not to take my pick-cha!"  HA!  

Daisy, please don't drop Mama's beloved camera into the pool.  Thanks.
Silly Daisy in the gift shop afterwards.  This girl is all about shopping...this was one of her main concerns before we even left Ocala...THE GIFT SHOP.  Will I get a toy?  How much money?  

Hey Daisy? Why don't you just focus on the animals and the fun of field trip, especially with your Mama going? ...CAUSE IT AIN'T ABOUT US DRIVING TWO HOURS TO TAMPA FOR A CHEAP STUFFED DOLPHIN? Kay?....
She was a sweet girl about it when we had that little chat the day before we went. She cried and then didn't mention it again the entire day at the aquarium.  We may or may not have gotten her a very small, inexpensive stuffed turtle.  :)  (in her each child it was suggested to BRING $20 for the gift shop...really???  We paid $45 each JUST TO GO!)

I had a FABULOUS time with sweet Daisy Jones.  I love this little Daisy.  I am so glad she is MINE! :)

Thursday, May 17

Saturn, Doxa and so on

 Daisy had a planet project and was assigned Saturn.  She came up with this whole idea on her own and made it herself.  I gave her all the supplies she requested but she did the rest.  I was a pretty proud mama.  Way to go first grader!!! :)  (And she likes to work ahead on things...she is her mother's daughter!!)

Doxa, my last Sunday

 This guy above, Brian, is AMAZINGLY TALENTED.  He could be big.  We may follow him to his next church! :)
 Lisa Toler representing the family at Functional!!! :)
 And Emma sporting the same headband in traffic later that day.  I heard a honk and there she was!  HA!  Lisa said, "Don't worry.  The sweat had dried." Eeeeeewww.
 Playdoh fun.
 Dress up at Nat-nats house. :)
 So I burned my arm on a hot cookie sheet (feel on my arm) and this was the damage a week later.  It's MUCH better now.  The nurse in me had to post this. :)
 We have Horse Fever all around Ocala.  This is the cool horse in front of the Ocala Civic Theater.  Daisy get's Art Smart points if she has a pic of herself with these horses.  And as we were taking this pic...what do you know but Mrs. Dexheimer herself (the art teacher) walked up!  Hilarious!  She got the points! :)
 Not to be out done....Colbie Jean had to have her pic too.
 Here is the Co before his preschool program. :)
 This pic above gives you an indication of how Colbie acted during the program. :)
 Above is Emery Claire a Pretties-...after a nap.  It was "one of those days."  :)
 And this is what we found one night when we went in to check on the Co...sweetboco.