Saturday, June 30

Nashvegas: more zoo and more fun :)

 My dad has bird central in his backyard.  Thankfully for Colbs they are not the loud kind. :)  He has maybe 5 feeders around and I am pretty sure the few birds in his yard, flew far and wide and told all their friends about this sanctuary.  If you feed them, they will come.  And they have!  There are many different kinds too.  Dad has a book you can look up what kind of birds they are.  Isaac's fav was the Carolina chickadee (who seems lost if you ask me).  It was neat to watch the birds each day.  In the pic below Daisy and Isaac had put birdseed on the ac unit and were waiting in hiding, very still, to see if birds would come eat it.
 This, my friends, is Grandkid heaven.  A cereal smorgasbord, a waitress and cartoons.  What else could they possibly want first thing in the morning??
 And this is Jeje Heaven. :)
 Here's the Birthday girl.  It was such a fun treat to be there for Emery's birthday!!!
 me and jules

 One morning we had a big breakfast--biscuits, eggs, bacon...YUM.  I slept late (thanks Mom and Dad!!) and woke up to these smells!  YUM-ER.  Nanny and Granddaddy came up while we were there.  Loved having them there and being with them. :)

 more zoo...
 The College Roomies again...the short and tall side of 2. :)

 This is random...but below is school art of Daisy's she brought home.  We left town as soon as I picked her up from the last day of school.  So it was with us the whole trip.  She has informed me multiple times that Van Gogh is NOT pronounced Van "Go" but Van "Goff"...ok, got it, whatever...and yes I will Google that later... :)
 This was an amazingly yummy pasta salad with chicken in it.  Julie made a vat of it the first day we arrived and I ate it pretty much every day!  It is her mother-in-law, Staci Jones, recipe.  THANK YOU STACI!

And thank you Staci and Allen for hours of water fun with this present to Emery. :)
 Below is a photo of an Alabama koozie (sp?)...way to go Dad. :)
 Bo, what a sweet laid back doggie. :)  
"But seriously, giddy up," said Colbie and Em.
 Granddaddy Coker
 Nanny got Isaac a bat and ball.  AND played with him!  Look at her contact with the ball!!  She even played a little outfield.  Nanny, you are amazing. :)  She also got him a harmonica. For that week all we heard was the inhale and exhale sounds of toddlers with harmonicas.  When I brought it home I woke up one morning to "Oh Susanna" being played...of course Daniel can play the harmonica.  SHEESH.  

 Yes I did.  It was great.
 Me, Colbs and Nan
 Dad laughing at Daisy
 And Daisy laughing at of my favorite things about her. :)
 E. Claire fresh off a nap before her birthday party.

 Blake, Jules and Emery

 Happy Second Birthday E. Money!!! :)

Friday, June 29

NashVegas! Travel, Arrival and the Zoo

Well, friends.  We did it.  We drove to Nashville!  Yes.  I know.  I can't either!  :)  But to be clear and fair...I must say I did cheat.  I split the trip by spending the night in Atlanta with Scottie and Kristy.  We had SO MUCH FUN there!  They live in a neighborhood that has tons of kids and Scott, being the ultimate kid, has fit right in.  We played outside at their house til 9 pm. The neighbors are so fun and welcoming.  We looked forward to the trip home!! Dad came down from Nashville that night too.  He left moms car and rode with me and the kids to Nashville the next day.  So I had help on the second leg of the trip. :)  Thanks Dad!  If my tens of readers don't already know, my parents bend over backwards to help me travel with my kids.  They are the best!!!!

We enjoyed the Tennessee country side as we drove.
Don't worry, I asked Dad to take these pics. :)

 When we got there we played in the backyard and had lunch.  The weather this week was an absolute freak of nature!!  It was highs in the 70's!  It was fantastic!!

Cousins. :)
 Emery (2...well days shy of 2...), Colbie (2), Daisy (7) and Isaac (4)

 College Roomies. ;)  Ebony and Ivory.
 Catching lightning bugs with Jeeg!  (note Colbie's silly face...classic.)
 The porch where A LOT of our time was spent. :)
 Nashville Zoo was 4 mins from my parents house.  And it was a really great zoo.  I was impressed.  Also, it was super shaded which made it even more enjoyable.  We met Sarah Dennis Wilson and her boys there.

 Colbs has a thing about loud noises...not sure the reason for that.  
But the birds were apparently too loud for her. :)
 Isn't my sister pretty?  
 Colbs had a hard time believing the birds were gone even though we walked thru hanging chains and doors to get out of the bird area.  So, just in case, she kept things covered even while looking at the red river hogs (or something like that).  Silly girl.
 E. Claire and the giraffe!

 Oh Sarah D.  You're the best.  So happy I got to see you!
 And the coin spinning money collector wins over the giraffes.  
Sorry guys.  I can just see the giraffe rolling their eyes like, really Zoo people?  Did you have to put that thing RIGHT THERE in front of our fence??
 (I am sure they are used to it by now. :)
 Sweet Asher!

Ok so this was the prairie dog area.  See that clear thing?  Daisy is in it checking out the PDs.  You can go and see the PDs up close and personal in their environment.  Well, then all the kids wanted to go.

And soon they became the exhibit.  

Check out this fun playground!!  It was our last stop.  Sarah says she comes to the Zoo with the boys just for this sometimes.  I would too!
 And check out this shaded toddler area.  HEAVEN.  And GENIUS!