Wednesday, October 31

Captain Hook & Smee...and more October

 Daniel begged me to wear this out with him...but alas, I did not.  Daisy did though!  More pics later...

 Isaac at the Pumpkin patch with his class!
 The Co with Ms. Alli

 Sweet Lucy Lu

 PJ Day at school
 Story of my life!
 Daniel and Joe climbing Joe's tree to the 40 ft high platform in his front yard!
We face timed E Claire after her nap...too soon? ;)
Captain and the REAL Smee :)

Bees attacked our hummingbird feeder...and spent about 24 hours literally vacuuming the red juice out of the feeder.  UNreal.  Guess we gotta wait til it gets cooler to hang it and fill it again?

Colbie finally warmed up to Captain Hook...believe me it took a while!  She didn't like it even hanging in our closet! HA!

Some Halloween...

Loving Care's Little Carnival
Emma Deanie as Merida
Olivia, Anna (Olivia's cousin), Daisy, and Merida ;)

Halloween Night at the Schucks

We went to Phil and Jill's house for a little pizza and trick or treating around our old neighborhood. :) 

Below is actually JAKE (minus the Neverland Pirates) fighting Hook!  

 And in the black t-shirt is "Jakes" mom saying "stop attacking Hook!"  :)
There were also several little ones not a fan of Hook at the party (tears included!)
 Now FINALLY a good pic of Colbie and her friend Gracie...where you can tell they are friends.
 Russ, Phil and Hook
 Daisy and Molly

 Kids attacking the Mad Hatter (Scott Kaser) and Hook

 Moms sporting their Halloween attire :)  And Tink seems to be hitting the pixie dust a bit strong...
 Trey the Dinosaur
 I just noticed in the pic below I may have busted Isaac from stealing candy out of a kids bucket!  And right there next to a cop packin' heat too!!

So the trick or treating was...interesting.  Kids got scared...
Will Lindsay

 We ran into the Tomlinsons. :)

 Hook and Fred (Joel)
 Casey and Rachel