Thursday, December 26

Christmas w the Cagles while waiting on HUDSON!!

I emailed a brief synopsis of our trip to the ATL for the Jones family.  So to keep myself from retyping it all again here…copy/paste baby. :) See below:

Hey Fam!  We went to Atlanta for Christmas. The plan for the Cagles was "While we wait for a baby due any day we should…"  And that's what we did.  My sisters family and our family stayed at an Embassy Suites in Alpharetta.  Hot breakfast and indoor pool was nice. :)  

We went to the Aquarium on Christmas Eve and Eryn…tell Braylen we saw HIGHER RAISIN!!!  This will shock you all…Colbie didn't like the loud noises of the storm part of the show and was not impressed at all w the dolphins and in her heightened anxiety, of course, had to pee immediately.  I am kinda w her on the show…I mean I loved the dolphins and their tricks but the dolphin trick to drama/singing ratio was way off. I would have preferred those happy people in wet suits to just show us all the dolphins tricks and call it a day.  Instead it was watch them flip, jump and belly bust to this music, NOW…they will flip, jump and belly bust IN. THE. DARK…with a SPOTLIGHT!, now they will F/J/BB during a STROM after we sing a dramatic song!…   To be completely honest, I may be a little jaded by Colbie and I getting locked in a stairwell while trying to get out to a bathroom.  She was plugging her ears screaming "I HAVE TO GO WEALLY, WEALLY BAD!" and it echoed as I was rushing up and down stairs to find her a bathroom…no wait…find a WAY OUT AT ALL all the while following the music I was escaping but now hoping to find again!!  Called Dan.  He came to our rescue after waiting in the end of the show crowd to get to us. And then we had to wait 10 more mins to get Colbie's tiny bladder to a bathroom. So…Eryn…that little door that says "EXIT" on the second level of the auditorium…isn't one. :)  All joking aside the Aquarium was really cool and we had a fun time.  No offense dolphins…you guys were great.  I woulda watched 20 mins of your flips and such.  And lets be honest you're not doing it for us but for the tiny fish you get after each  jump.  

Eh hmmm…where was I?

OH…after the Aquarium we went to the Varsity. We ate greasy food and even saw Santa there!  HA!  

Christmas day we all went to eat lunch.  Nothing says Christmas like Italian food. ;)  HA! But it was good!

That afternoon we went to see Frozen which was SO GOOD.  Loved it.  Loved the message.

THEN…the next day while we killed time at Monkey Joe's --Scott and Kristy were at the Hospital in labor w HUDSON!!  He finally came at 5:30 pm.  It was so fun to be there for it!  Scott came out to tell us he was here…crying.  It was so sweet.  What a profound moment for him and us (SCOTT. IS. A. DAD!!!  wow).  

We got home Friday and Meems and BePops came on Saturday. We went to the laser light show at Silver Springs (pretty impressive for our now State owned park!), we played a lot at home, we went to look at Christmas lights.  One night we went to the The Villages.  If you haven't had that experience…we need to take you.  What's more entertaining than inebriated rich seniors cutting a rug in a town square to a live band til 9 pm sharp? (And I mean sharp…8:30 pm- park and walk 10 blocks to the square. 9:01--tumbleweed blows across an empty dance floor. CRAZY).  The next day we took the kids to ride bikes at the square in Ocala and got take out at Stella's (their salad is SO YUM).  It was a very fun visit. :)

And since they left we have been hanging out and enjoying our time off.  The kids have slept in some…and I can't help but think,"oh man, we are moving to a new phase of parenthood…and I LIKE IT." :)

Can't wait to hear all about your fun too!



On our way there…Daisy is Rainbow Loomin' w the new organizer that Alli got her for Christmas. :)
The Embassy Suites :) Where we all hung out for an hour or 2 since our room wasn't ready.  BOOO!

Julie and I killing time in the lobby…Dad w the photo bomb. :)
Scott and Kristy's house for Chili and hotdogs. :)

Next day Aquarium fun!!!
Scuba guy cleaning the tank.
Petting stink, I mean STING rays…(they were stinky!!!)

I saw Jaws when I was Daisy's age accidentally on TBS one day.  I cannot go in one of these without thinking about that movie!!!!


Whale shark

Beluga whales!

Uncle Scott took one for the team and crawled in there w Isaac to lift him up to see. :)

I love the jelly fish!

Dolphin show!
Whattaya haaaaave?

Christmas Eve dinner. :) YUM!

Sweet Lu!!!
Time to open presents. :)

Colbs loved her new "glubs." haha!
We got the girls the Meileg Mice. :)

This pic of them in their "glubs" took about 6 solid mins.  We were headed out the door, she wanted them on, wanted a pic, Isaac wanted to join…Dan was over the drama and said, "OK noooooowww let's get one of me and Jeeg and Scott…."
Fine, Smarty Britches.  Let's.  Don't mess w the girl w the camera. ;)
Hotel privacy tag.
more aquarium…This pic was Daisy's idea
We watched this guy give someone a private viewing of the otters!  This otter was very well trained.

Daisy's pics at breakfast. :)

Jeeg…the super grandma that she is took the kids down to the pool. :)

Hot tub!!!  Colbie wasn't into the hot tub…so she appears to be in time out in this pic.  HA!
Christmas Day lunch

A kiss for Coco

Then we killed time in a parking lot w a unicycle waiting for our movie time. :)
We all prayed Scott wouldn't break something the day before he was to become a Daddy.  It's bad enough Kristy has a sprained ankle!!!
Daniel has gotten impressively good w it.
Aunt Julie borrowed my shoes for the rip stick.  Looking good Jules!!

We had Steak and Shake for dinner that night. Not ideal but it filled our bellies. :)  The kids had milk shakes for dinner!

Lulu in her LOADED w pool water diaper. :)
Here we all are positively THRILLED we are a Steak and Shake on Christmas Day. :)


Monkey Joe's waiting for Hudson!!

In the waiting room…………which felt longer than I'm sure it was with little kids. :)

Scott came out and said, "HE'S HERE!" w tears in his eyes.
Showing us pics on his phone. :)

Airdrop us…QUICK!

Family of 3. :)

We got to watch him get his bath and vitals and such. :)

Daisy only got to hold him as long as this pic took to take.  We had to go cause they were taking his blood. :(  BLESS HIM!!!  Daisy cried while we were in there…she said they were happy tears. :)

HE IS SO SWEET!!!! :)  So glad he is here and that is well.