Thursday, January 31

Daisy's Bday requests (and a bike ride)

Daisy had a fun bday!  We didn't do a party this year.  We went a little more low key.  She requested to go skating with her friends, get her ears pierced and have Zaxby's at school.  Actually, they weren't all at once.  But that's what happened. :)  

Skate mania was BUSY.  And I am fairly confident they have not changed the carpet since they opened in the 80's.  I was more appalled that there is a fully functioning daycare center in this place during the day.  You could see all their toys and things behind a little gate.  Ewwww.  ANYWHO...
We had a blast!! :)

Daisy wanted to invite Coralei and her family and Alexis and her family.  Below is Ashton, Cora's brother, in the practice area.
Daisy, Coralei, and Alexis
Dan working hard w the Co.  We left Colbie w a sitter....prolly shoulda left Co too.  He was not a happy camper that he wasn't catching on. We shoulda known that...but hind sight...
More skating pics to come...but here is Daisy and I taunting Daniel at work for not being able to come to lunch w her. :)
 Jeeg and Papa called to say HAPPY BDAY!
 Daisy's class headed back from lunch.
 At Claire's to get her ears pierced!

 Lucy said Happy Bday too. :)  In her cute elephant pj's. :)
 Had a little fun in Claires...

Well, Becky, I am glad you asked.  She got one pierced. It hurt.  She survived. She got the other one done...but the gun got stuck on her little ear.  And it hurt more to get it off.  Then it seemed to be in a weird spot on her ear lobe.  Oh well...NOT doing that again.  Went to small group.  Came home.  She went to clean them for the first time and screamed "OH MY WORD! MOM!  I think my earring is coming out!!!"  And with all my earring experience (read 6 months max) and Dan's too (read NONE) we did all we could to get that little earring back in. (granted we both have medical training!) It wasn't even all the way out!  But it wasn't going back thru.  And Daisy was really hurting. :(  So we had to resign our efforts.  So she had go w one earring for a week and half.  Then we went back the day of the Father Daughter Dance to get it done again.  She was so brave!!! :) 

Bday Eve room decor...

Aaaaaand we are back to skating!
Daisy and Alexis were trying to help Cora...which was much like the blind leading the blinder. HA!  But so sweet. :)

 This was a common scene that night...

 Arms flailing! But I can't throw stones.  I took a spill...thanks to Daisy (well I shouldnt have tried to pull her behind me but still..ha!)...I fell backward...and my back landed on her skate...OUCH.

 Snack time! Ryan (alexis's brother), Daisy, Alexis, Coralei

Defeated Coco.  :(  Him sucking his fingers in this pic STILL makes me shudder. :) GAH-ROSE!

 Isaac got his second wind after a huge orange Fanta...and is giving it another go...
 Race time!

Such fun that night. :)  Happy Birthday to my sweet Daisy Jones.  You are such a JOY to us!!

We took a family bike ride that weekend too. I didn't have a I caught a ride in the kid carrier behind Daniel's bike w Colbs! HAHA!

 Colbie found another use for the bike pump...ha!

Wednesday, January 30

funnies in January...

One of Daisy's writings...

Below is not funny...just super cute and AWESOME. :)

Did you know Colbie likes to be in charge?  Even of the large cart at Publix?

And this is too funny...
Just Cute. :)
This one below cracks me up EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.  Cause it's :/  My Mama Brain KILLS ME!

I texted this to Daniel one night that Alli and I had gone to Jacksonville together with Liv and Daisy.
How FUNNY was that????  It went on...

AMEN...I have beach fever about the time Christmas is over.


This is very true...even at 33.
Crazy that with Diapers gone (which started last summer but we are still having accidents...shoot me now!!)...went the need for excessive amounts of butt cream. :)  YAY.  Lata Beaudreaux!!